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Troy Brosnan Leogang injury update

Troy Brosnan Leogang injury update

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Junior World Champion Troy Brosnan took a big slam during seeding for the iXS Euro Cup race in Leogang on Saturday and will miss WC #2 Val di Sole.

Speedy healing vibes to Troy who was looking set to have a stella season judging by his Aussie national results over the winter.

Here’s the news from team boss Sean Heimdal:

Team Monster Energy Specialized’s Troy Brosnan (AUS) injured himself during training at the IXS cup in Leogang, Austria this past weekend and will be out for an undetermined amount of time. While the injuries sustained are not serious, the young Australian will be out for at least the event this weekend in Leogang as well as the World Cup next weekend in Val Di Sole, Italy.

Brosnan says: “I’m super bummed about the crash, but I’m looking forward to making a speedy recovery and getting back on my bike as soon as possible!”

More news to follow as it become available.

  1. n-en

    get well soon troy!!

  2. Jack


    >”not serious”
    >”undetermined amount of time”

    seems pretty conflicting. If they’re bothering to give a statement, some info about what happened and what he’s hurt might be worthwhile….

  3. Daire

    Serious shifting around for my fantasy team. Healing vibes to Troy

  4. dirt dodger

    gutted ! well that opens up a slot on the podium huh?

  5. K1

    Typical Heimdal press release, secretive dog poo. Why not just tell the public the extent of Troy’s injury and be open and honest. This isn’t pro-bro brotocross. Just like the monster/specialized pits at World cups, closed off, unfriendly and unnecessarily “secretive”. Show the fans some respect and be open and engaging.

  6. Gareth

    Bad luck to the little power house. Speedy recovery troy.

  7. Privacy?

    @k1: Maybe they really don’t know how long he will be out, besides the 2 weeks mentioned?

    Also, does it really matter what exactly the kid did to himself? He’s hurt enough not to ride, obviously. It’s not really anyone’s business but his and his family’s. Why not show him some respect as “a fan”?

  8. dirks

    “super bummed”

  9. Ricj

    Im taking Troy out of my Fantasy Team for the entire season. Anyone who uses the words ‘super bummed’ in a sentance is not being in my team!!

  10. kodie love

    The injurys was internal, i was talking to his mum, did say what injurys but did say they were internal and he will not be riding for a long time, and atm he cant sit up…. best wishes troy in your recovery!

  11. Luiz Felipe

    Any news?

  12. grace

    totally sucks! hope he is back soon and ready to take it all!

  13. Nico

    Any news ? Back on a World cup stage this season ? Did he ride Ft. Williams ?

  14. grace

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