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Triride video: Val di Sole World Cup 2012

Triride video: Val di Sole World Cup 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Velocity One is the title of this brilliant Val di Sole WC edit from Vittorio and the Triride crew.

Speed, in the world of dh, is not just something for the riders, sometimes videomakers too have to be very fast. On a Sunday you have the end of a race and on the following Thursday we start again with the track walk for the next event. In between there are flights, hours spent driving and nights in a small B&B room without much of a desk to work on. However there are no excuses, we have to be fast in editing the next video, very very fast.

The race in Val di Sole was incredible. Aaron Gwin demonstrated once again that he is the man to beat. At the moment he seems to be truly on a different planet to everyone else. To be almost 8 seconds ahead of the second rider (an excellent Minnaar) on a splendid track like the one in Val di Sole, in perfect conditions (no mud to make things unpredictable) it’s something out of this world. Is the American rider setting up a new standard for everyone else? Many believe so. Outside the race, obviously, the main topics of conversation were pizza and red wine. And why not we say!!

This Velocity One is dedicated to Cedric Garcia, an exceptional rider, a true champion, who in Val di Sole suffered a bad injury. Our best wishes of a speedy recovery go to him of course. We can’t wait to see him again on his bike because, let’s be frank, Gracia on a bike is something we cannot do without. Just like pizza and red wine.

  1. j.b.

    that was brilliant…i wasnt such a big fan of the pmb video but have always loved his work in the past…..keept it up

  2. tom

    Awesome!! more!!

  3. Leon

    That was just.. amazing.
    Really good music that suited the style of race track , awesome editing .
    And I allways feel as though I see more of the track with the TriRide vids , most other edits show you pretty much the same sections over and over where as these guys seem to capture alot more.

  4. robbonzo

    Truly awesome vid Vittorio. Great example of the sport. Only thing id say is why not mute the sound of the original audio, if its just Marshals whistling, gets in the way of the soundtrack and ‘mood’ youve captured. Top job though.

  5. woodrat

    Love it! A story we all know but told from a truly unique perspective. Good work!

  6. cookie

    Awsome edit! great music and captured the intensity of the track like no other.

  7. optimus doddsy

    the greatest edit to hit dirt. PERIOD

  8. Ben

    too much slow-mo :)

  9. nm

    hated the videoplayer, very slow to load and not a very good quality, would be better on youtube or vimeo. Awesome vid though!!!!

  10. Tim

    best race videos period. always look for them after each WC stop.

  11. gordo

    marshal eerie slow mo whistling is the best part mixed into audio in my opinion robbonzo

  12. Down n Dirty

    Amazing.what software did he use to edit that?

  13. smith86

    Parkin brothers quality is so much better then this grainy over done video.. Parkin Bros > ‘Tri-hard’ videos any day of the week..


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