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Trans-Provence All-Mountain Race

Trans-Provence All-Mountain Race

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A quick heads up to let you know that the Trans-Provence enduro race kicks off on the 25th September.

The Trans-Provence is a 7-day point-to-point rally-style mountain bike race in the South of France, in a nutshell it’s 7 days, 26 timed stages, 320 km, 9500 metres vertical ascent, 15200 metres vertical descent… and most importantly more sweet singletrack than you can shake a stick at!

Our very own Steve Jones will be racing this super tough event along side the likes of Nico Vouilloz, Fabien Barel, Marc Beaumont, Mark Weir, Tracy Moseley and many more top riders.

Jonesy will be beaming in regular updates from his tent each night of the race and we’ll also have a big feature in the magazine. Keep ’em peeled.

Check out http://trans-provence.com/ for more info.

UPDATE: Ash, the organiser has just phoned to say that they have one spare place if anyone wants a last minute entry into this amazing race.

“We’ve had one more person drop out of Trans-Provence 2011 today due to injury.

As such, there is ONE spot left.
The event is 24/09 – 02/10.

Please email me ASAP (ash@trans-provence.com) if you’re interested in snapping this up.


S-Works Enduro-Jones’s Trans-Provence machine. We’ll give you the full low down on this rig tomorrow.

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  1. Hugo

    Good Luck Steve, if the trails are anything like those recommended by you (and ridden by us in May) in Molini di Triora it will be a great event.

  2. Tom

    Fair play, that sounds like a beast of race…bike looks very nice, looking forward to hearing the gory details of it’s build.

  3. Mossy

    Mmmmmm Boxxer red Lyriks!

  4. Stokes

    I would literally Jizz all over that Enduro.


  5. ferrit

    I should also point out that wife-beaters are pretty much mandatory on this event….

    Bike looks spank-tastic. Almost cheating – wish I had that when I did it!

  6. Tom

    Mother of Beelzebub, does the bike come with the entry fee?

  7. ronin

    as stated- nice red lyrics on your ride there

  8. B-Roadie

    Sounds like Gravity enduro on ‘roids.

    What does Steve’s Enduro weigh in at?

  9. billy

    @B-Roadie we’ll do a full bike check the Jonesy rig tomorrow.

  10. TimBud

    Will be interesting to hear how the new x-fusion shock works out.

  11. horse

    @ B-Roadie, My one comes in at 11.4 kgs, but I have heard of builds of just over 10kg!

  12. antlees

    It was brilliant in Molini di Triori Hugo,I was there same time as with two other lads,good luck Jonesy.

  13. cam

    after Stokes had finished splodging over that Enduro i would add to the sticky mess..

    that`s a fine looking bike…. as tidy as the Ibis….(and a wee bit more.)

  14. r_mac

    they say shooting is a rich mans sport. better add biking to that as well

  15. Rol

    It was time that some really interesting race would pop up from nowhere. This is way better than WC DH. I think this is the best that ever was imagined.

    P.S.: It should happen early september!

  16. John

    Sounds well fun. Not muh point reviewing that bike though as Specialized uk aren’t doing enduro’s other than the evo ones next year. I think whoever decides what bikes and coulors they bring to uk is really out of touch on the mtb side of things, no cheeper demo full build? no regular or s works enduro’s? no stumpjumper evo frame? Really need to take a look at themselves and what riders in the uk want.

  17. Cesar

    Damn he’s got the bike already. I think I have the perfect bike for him. Might I take that spot left and try to kick jonesy ass? 😀

  18. RHS

    Just order the frame only from US if you want it. Thats what I did…My s-works Enduro is The beezzee kneeeze (whish I had a monach though)

    The trans Provence is the shit. Expect some jizzing from the write up.

  19. Mossy

    Isnt the shock a Monarch Plus?

  20. CS

    Get some protection on that down tube!!! My S works frame was a right off after only six months due to a relatively small stone flicking off the front wheel.(So small did n’t notice the impact).

  21. alex

    looks shit that bike. no way would i ride one even if i was given one. so whatever you do don’t give me a free carbon bike please.

  22. Tim

    Sounds cool, but is that the one that cost about £2000 to enter?

  23. szavoja

    Tim, this year’s package fee worked out about £1100. I’m not gonna pretend that’s not a lot of money but you get FULLY looked after for 8 days of point-to-point journey and don’t have to worry about or do anything apart from ride, eat and sleep. 25 staff for 55 participants to make the food / camps / logistics work. It’s a fair price if you ask me.

  24. RHS

    The price is no different to any other similar type race/event BUT this one is fun.

  25. Jizzer

    Specialized UK are a bunch of roadies, that’s why we never see the gravity stuff over here. I had to go to the States to get an SX!

  26. jle

    ’99 Grabber green, bring it back.

  27. Westie

    No front mech for all those extended climbs, brave decision! What size is the front chainring?

  28. Gogzee

    Hey Billy, whats happened to the bike check?

  29. john

    Gogzee, he’s realized there’s no point as Specialized has let everybody down and decided not to sell some of the best models from their off road line up in the uk. This S works enduro being one of them.

  30. Markyboy007

    You may get the weight down to <12kg but various parts (especially wheels) would self destruct. If you have a decent and strong wheel set eg.Hope hoops 521, High Rollers and Lyrics, it would be closer to 13.5kg.

    Where's the build up ??

  31. carrot

    wheres the review?

  32. Turk

    I was so excited about the bike check feature, they’re one of the best things about the dirt site. C’mon guys, it’ll keep me going until the next mag lands on my door mat!

  33. cousin

    sorry steve but the size of the frame??

  34. cousin

    sorry steve but the size of this frame?’


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