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Transprovence 2012 start list

Transprovence 2012 start list

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Dan Atherton, Joe Barnes and 4x rider Joost Wichman have all signed up to ride the 2012 Transprovence all mountain enduro race in France.

The tales of pain from this years Transprovence in the latest issue of Dirt looks like it hasn’t deterred anyone from this epic adventure!

steve jones transprovence

Jones at the TP this year. Photo:Sven Martin.

2012 Transprovence start list.

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  1. James

    Be interesting to see if anyone’ll be on a 29er!

  2. gibbon

    So at least a dozen of them are pro’s ,another dozen are industery bods and the rest get to pay for all the free entries for the ‘names’.

  3. thelumberjack

    Joe and Hannah Barnes – if that pairing isn’t enough to set the enduro world trembling I don’t know what is! Easily some of my favourite riders atm! oh and Steve didn’t you enjoy it? 😉

  4. Mark

    What a miserable c*** you are @gibbon.

  5. T-P Ash

    Gibbon, pro entrants on a pre-signed up team get 7.5% (yes, seven point five percent) off the public entry fee. 10 riders have been given this small discount. Apart from that, everyone pays full price. Hope that clears things up.

  6. gibbon

    Bit harsh Letch…

  7. Brajsy

    Entry fee?

  8. Gogzee

    Fanny Paquette???

  9. stooky

    26er all the way and I can’t wait!

  10. ferrit

    Gibbon, you are a chode. Only thing worse is being opinionated whilst being misinformed. Nice one Ash.

  11. Cord

    Chode!!! ha ha ha, good insult!

  12. MrB

    Somebody get freecaster involved with this.
    Daily updutes, a few cameras on interesting bits of each stage, with timing, make the top ten carry Go-Pros?
    That’s something I’d love to watch.

  13. Matt

    Hey Mr B- We had daily video updates (well apart from the day when French internet caught us out ) With daily results as well – Which were actually on Dirt! – Keep watching though next year will be bigger and better in coverage.


  14. B-Roadie

    Watch out for Craig and Kabush. XC Dark horses.

  15. Noah

    Where he hell is Ross Schnell?

  16. 'mon the Scots

    Barnes may be in the headline but Chris Ball and Stu Thomson are also rapid.
    Should be a good race. Is the Welsh Rarebit having another bash?

  17. AB

    How do you get an entry for the trans provence

  18. Tepid

    gibbon, it wasn’t harsh at all! You basically just spoke for all the internet trolls aout there who feel they ‘have the right’ to express a negative opinion just because they can. Didn’t your mother ever say to you ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anyhting at all’?

  19. Arne

    Without Jones and Barel? And from a german perspective I would have loved to see Max Schumann enter the competition.

  20. Mr B

    Tim, I saw your coverage last year and it was great.
    For me personally though, I’d like to see more of a sports comentator style thing like freecaster do for downhill. Almost like you get on television coverage for rallying, a more analytical style. There’s something about the week long format that for me makes the racing much more interesting than a downhill race. However I suppose this may only work or pro-invite style races?

    PS, this is in no way meant as criticism of this years coverage. I’m really excited about the prospects of Enduro and to see how it grows, especially the more Epic events like yours. When you look at how freecasters coverage of downhill has raised the profile of that sport, I think the potential for enduro is absolutely massive.

    Obviously this is jusy my opinion though, I’m interested to hear about what other people would like to see.

  21. Ash

    Thanks for the input Mr B, very much appreciated.

  22. Aidan

    that is such a sick cover!

  23. wheelermook

    Everyone I know that has seen that Dirt cover has said it looks like a cover from MBR (even my GF could see a disparity between this and previous Dirt cover shots). At first glance I thought the same, it’s actually pretty sick – but a big departure from Dirt covers of old. I suppose we can let it slide given it’s the off season? On a another note can someone please tell me what has happened to the Readers Letters page – that was my favourite part of the mag! Maybe I need to send Dirt a letter about this.

  24. HG

    @T P Ash
    How many people signed up for the event? What are the chances to make it onto the start list (if you are a reasonable rider)? Thanks


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