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Trans Provence 2013: Prologue Video & Results

Trans Provence 2013: Prologue Video & Results

DSC_2388Will Ockleton from Santa Cruz working on some final bike prep.

The Trans Provence kicks off this week with riders taking on the 6 day race from Sisteron to Menton taking in some of the best riding the region has to offer.

Day Zero saw the riders hit a short course Prologue, no points are at stake but it’s a good opportunity to get a feel for the terrain and wake up the legs. Fabian Barel cameĀ out on top 6 seconds up on Florian Golay and 13 seconds on third place finished Jamie Nicoll.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 11.16.12

The Trans Provence team will edits coming in all week from the race and the first covers the prologue.

DSC_2803It’s dry and dusty blasting through the Autumnal leaves.


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  1. Craig B

    Whilst I appreciate that the Fab is fab. I cannot help but to feel slightly pissed off that my entry did not event a “bye your leave” or a “thanks but no”. Oh Well, next year.
    I might lack his super awesomeness but I recon that I would have been ace fun.

    1. Craig+B

      And riding tracks blind. That’s me. all the time. :)

  2. random_observer

    its not the only multi-day race out there any more – Trans-Savoie looks better anyway. PS What happened to Jerome Clementz?


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