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New trail for Hopton Woods, Shropshire

New trail for Hopton Woods, Shropshire

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Anyone into UK downhill racing will have heard of Hopton Woods, well now they have a new XC route.

The Forestry Commission and Ludlow based Pearce Cycles have been working on the project for a while now, and the new 18km trail is due to open on March 10th. If it is anything like the new (‘ish) blue run at the Forest of Dean then we can expect great things. Here’s the full Press Release:

Return of the Shropshire mountainbiking gem

The Forestry Commission’s Hopton Woods, near Hopton Castle, will welcome cross country mountain bikers back to its trails after a 3 year break on the 10 March.

Come along between 10:30 and 2:30 to celebrate the completion by riding the 18km trail.

The route is classed as a red or difficult trail suitable for proficient mountain bikers with good off-road skills. The sweeping descents, challenging climbs and rocky, rooty downhill sections have been honed to perfection by Dave Pearce of Pearce Cycles.

Dave tells us;

“ It has been great to be able to put Hopton Woods back on the cycling map of Shropshire, we have spent a lot of time ensuring that these trails are some of the best riding the county has to offer.”

Georgina Sharp Recreation Ranger for the Forestry Commission adds:

“It has taken several years to get Hopton back to a level that we are proud to carry the Forestry Commission badge and I’d like to thank riders for their patience whilst the trails were shut. Please come and join us on the 10th and see what a great job Dave has done, refreshments will be available and we are hoping that one of our local champions will be able to open the trail”

For more information on Hopton Woods and the work of the Forestry Commission in the Marches area visit www.forestry.gov.uk/marches or visit their facebook page at www.facebook.com/ourlocalwoods . For Dave Pearce Cycles visit www.pearcecycles.co.uk

  1. dirt dodger

    a great xc/enduro loop – some radical sections that will just have you pi&&ing yourself if with your mates – go do it, loads of options for cutting each other up on the inside lines etc. well worth the effort – takes about an hour and half to get round and that’s taking steady climbs. there is a mint little loop set by the car park that takes about 15 minutes – when you are done you have loads of decent DH courses to play on as well….take your lunch, have some fun, mind the sheep on the entry road.

  2. VonDH

    Hopton Woods never heard of it but have now looks and sounds great.

  3. si

    Its nothing like the forest of dean blue run dirt, hoptons actually good!

  4. Ed

    if its built by dave pearce then you know its gonna be a banger!
    stoked to see some xc trails getting built that aren’t sanitised cycle paths with 2ft rock drops

  5. John

    Sweet should be good especially if you can link the dh tracks tthere into the loop?

  6. dirt dodger

    john – you actually come down one of the DH tracks to get to a link up road, YES GUYS THIS TRAIL IS FUN. there are some steep corners, fast sections and changing surfaces – none of the trail is BMX surface which is great, a bit of a slug on climbs when its soaked but it will harden up after some more riding…get along and ride it.

  7. John

    Sounds ace, great that it’s not surfaced too. I’m well and truly over the way everything gets covered in rock and then whacker plated these days. Have to head down there in the next couple of weeks I reckon.

  8. TK

    Film (with links to 2nd and 3rd parts) of the best bits.

    For what it’s worth, an awful lot of fireroad climbing but very good descents and just enough singletrack climbing to keep it fun.

  9. TK

    (Urgh, miscopied – it’s: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omXlC60Hj5E — missed a letter)

  10. Conor

    Great track, lots of fun, quick sections :)

  11. chris-m

    Out of curiosity, how long is the Red Loop? The website says 18km, but the official signs/trail maps say its 12.66km. Just wondering which one is right? Thanks.


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