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Tracy Moseley's 2010 World Champs Bike Stolen!

Tracy Moseley's 2010 World Champs Bike Stolen!

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Thieving scumbags at it again.

If you can believe it Tracy Moseley’s 2010 World Championship winning bike was stolen from the Trek UK office last night. Here’s what Trek had to say:

“We had a break in at the Trek office last night. Two people (I use that term loosely) on motorcycles managed to make off with the World Champion bike we had in our foyer.

Details of the bike are as follows:

Custom painted Trek World Racing World Champion frame-the only one of it’s kind in Europe. ‘Moseley’ painted on the top tube, and rainbow stripes throughout the frame
Fox 40 Kashima coated forks
SDG saddle with custom Trek World Racing embroidery
SDG seatpost
FUNN bars and stem
Custom red Hope hubs with Trek World Racing engraved around the middle.”

If anyone has any information regarding the bike, please contact us Trek 01908 360 160.

Here’s a photo of the exact bike.

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  1. Christian

    Good luck hiding that one…

  2. Dirt HQ

    Hey before anyone else says it, does anyone think that it looks like a Trek!?

  3. TrekChris

    For obvious reasons, we’d really like to have this one back.

  4. James

    Where the hell could anyone ride that without getting busted?! (Mental image of a chav in a tracksuit rocking up with it at a national)

  5. Daire

    Gutted to hear this but sadly these people will more than likely dump the frame and sell the components

  6. Dan

    if they know how to undo an allen bolt that is

  7. TrekChris

    The hubs are custom, as well. Keep your eyes out for anyone flogging Bonty wheels with red Hope hubs.

  8. wildman

    Yeah… bad news. seems the scummers were out in MK last night. Madison got the same treatment too. Lucky by comparison to Trek, we only lost a Team Issue Zen 4 hardtail. As the production model but with RED/BLACK funn bars and steatpost.

  9. dirt dodger

    That will be painted OR powdercoated faster than they stole it – they obviously knew what they went for and where to find it.

  10. WAKi

    dirt dogder: ppl stealing bikes are usualy young, lazy fuckers, with more ego than brain, they will not repaint it as it is way too much work for the profit + it takes skill and time to take the paint off the frame.

    The only chance it gets repainted is a fucker buying from thieves, knowing exactly what he is doing. Do not buy from thieves! Ask yourself twice when you see some ridiculous deal on ebay. And with hand to hand transaction when you see the guy sorry… you can tell, you can fuckin tell…

  11. Andy

    Pity you never had some sort of uber tracking device in the frame. God I hate theiving scum.

  12. Andy

    I remember when my bike got nicked, the police brought me it back eventually (shock horror), the theif (or whoever bought it) had got a file on the frame and taken the paint off..and half the alloy, it was a right mess. It had a water bottle still on the frame, I empted it and it had a load of used needles in it….

  13. ronin

    that sucks ass stealing a piece of history from people but you know what?! F ’em. keep it pinned Tra-Mo and keep makin’ more..!

  14. dirt dodger

    WAKi – a gross generalistaion there and probably VERY wrong. And let’s be honest while we are at it, most youngsters know the ins and outs of equipment, the web, and all it’s storefronts. I would say especially those willing to take high end stuff know exactly what to do with it and where to place it afterwards to gain the payments – my bet is PB or ebay after some work and the heat has died.

  15. barney

    It’s in the back of the Fox truck no doubt

  16. centrifuge

    Next time, Tracy should just keep it. After all, she is the one that made it what it is. Then again, maybe she has the original and maybe, just maybe, the stolen bike is just a double. Go, Tracy Moseley and rip on the new carbon like there is no tomorrow.

  17. stuart

    ‘Unts! it’s probably on the continent by now…

  18. James

    How do you go about stealing a bike while on a motorcycle? Can you get bike trailers for them or something?

  19. Gil

    When I was in Chatel at 2010 I was riding along a lake in the vilage and happend to see a TREK rider(XC), I followed him to the house where the TREK team was.
    I saw all the teams bikes just standing on some racks without anyones care…(outside that house) I could have take all of them but I didnt( I have pics from that place)…
    so TREK team keep your bike locked and where you can see them next time…

  20. raddog

    The thing that annoys me most when hearing about bikes being stolen is that at the end of the day this only happens because either there are riders out there that are too stupid to spot when they are being sold stolen goods, or they just don’t care anyway. That’s the crux of the problem right there. No stolen bike buyers = No bike thieves.

  21. Dave


  22. TrekChris

    Gil, the French don’t seem to have the same tendency to steal stuff. If you only saw the team, then you missed what went on the next week when we had a big marquee with a couple of hundred bikes, all of which were safe and sound for the duration of the dealer event.

  23. r_mac

    im a spark and i dunno, but if trek have pricey stuff inside there premises im not sure how this shit happened. ive fitted more security into a 1 bed flat.

  24. maverickdh05

    Arses hope they slip on it. thieves are “Scum bags” obviously new what they were after. I had my Sam Hill 5:10s stolen out of my gear bag gear other day, nothing else taken, my D3 neck brace tbones gloves all left went to go riding no dam shoes took me ages to work out, then had to go buy some new 5:10s, won’t DH with out em, must let it go, calm Mav calm..
    I feel the need, the need for speed! Speed to run over some dam thieves!

  25. Sinister

    Dear Trek Team!
    This is the most beautiful paint job ever! No other bike comes even close!
    I am sad that it never made it to the stock bikes!!!!!

  26. Harbinger101

    on my scratch 8 there are code’s on the bb area would trek be willing to let the public know these? the frame’s are not that common and even after a powder coat should be visable if any 1 is in the market for 1 of these bike’s and hears this you should be double checking the numbers.last thing you want to do is pay £xxxx for a bike to have it taken off you at a later date.
    hope you find it soon as peep’s and the theiving scum to hang.

  27. moz

    The guy who stole it, is kindly requested to return it as soon as possible because: 1) he is not gonna take any championship by riding it, skills are needed as well apart from the bike 2) nor he is gonna get laid with Tracy.
    Thanks in advance, Aaron Gdefeat.


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