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Tracey Hannah Interview 2012

11:10 6th February 2012 by Billy Thackray

World Cup rider Tracey Hannah talks about bikes, life and working ten hours a day on a 20 million dollar vacuum cleaner!

Tracey Hannah has just signed up with the Hutchinson United Ride team together with her brother Mick for the 2012 World Cup season.

(If you want to know more about her 10 hour a day job in the sand mine working the 20 million dollar dredging machine…then check out the Tracey Hannah 2011 interview here…surely she’s going to clean up this year with a job like that! tdm tschh)

Celebrity Squares: Tracey Hannah

Tracey’s pinky Morewood

So fast she’s blurry.

Tracey on the top step.

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  1. dirt dodger

    just taken a national this weekend hasn’t she. fingers crossed for her AND Mick in the WC.

  2. Jimmy Fids

    looking fast. Glad to see Tracey ripping again

  3. Rodney

    Go Tracey and Mick! Us Aussies are with you all the way.

  4. James

    Ultimate girlfriend material…?

  5. manimal


  6. nathaniel carr

    she can suck me up !!!

  7. ddmonkey

    She could kick your arse more like…

  8. Phil McCracken

    If she begged me to marry her, i`d have to give it some serious thought..

  9. eoin

    Wouldnt mind to see a full riding edit (no subtext implied). She looks fast and stylish, and I dont mean “for a girl”.

    But yes, very cute indeed.

  10. matizz

    Like her allredy.. Another not thunder, but havy rain storm form down under :D

  11. GDawg

    Miss my Izimu, awesome little bikes, hop it and place it anywhere you like.

  12. Tom


  13. CC

    She look terribly fast out there…Adrenaline Glands are 100% full and healthy. Is cool that she has been out in the real world.

  14. 4xlego

    Celebrity Squares ?

  15. xcgeek.com

    dam straight she is looking smooth. beautiful and aggressive riding style. florain, athy… not many have it.

  16. Steve

    Tracey Hannah in ‘women love hoovering shocker’

  17. Dillon

    Some of the worst sound I’ve heard on a modern video. Painful to watch–if she wasn’t so hot, I wouldn’t have.

  18. DNS

    ^^^^^^^jesus, you lot…no wonder there are so few girls DH’ing…

  19. guido

    in the words of Chet from Weird Science:- “well, I’d sure like to butter your muffin”

  20. Dr Kenneth Noisewater

    A breath of fresh air!

  21. dirt dodger

    hahahaa, weird science – there’s a film ive not seen in a long time………………………back on subject though – just watched the Vid, she is a bit wild isn’t she? certainly looks like a fun girl to be around.

  22. Rodney

    DNS is right! Most of the comments here are from mental retards. Grow up.

  23. Katie

    Bags of style on a bike and totally pinned. Go Tracey!

  24. Bedders

    Jeepers what talent.


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