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Tracey Hannah is back for 2012!

Tracey Hannah is back for 2012!

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Good news for downhill race fans, former World junior Champion Tracey Hannah is making a return to racing!

I said I’d be back!

It has been 4 years since I raced overseas. The time flew by like a rocket launcher…… not!
I didn’t have anything to do with racing; it was either on, or off! If I thought about it, I’d be obsessed, but that hasn’t been a possibility… Till Now!!


What about me? My name is Tracey Hannah. I used to race downhill mountain bikes. I stopped riding because it was too expensive to keep going overseas, and I guess a break was good. My best results were Junior World Champion, 1st at a World Cup Round, 3rd overall World Cup Series and 3rd Elite World Championships. I love riding.

Who am I? A sand miner….. Still Tracey Hannah, still love riding, still need a full time job for $$, still want to be the Pro Women’s Downhill Champion of the World more than once. I still know how to ride a bike.

Where is Australia? We need to win a Pro World Title for the Women Downhill Mountain bike riders of this Country, it has to be done. I am willing.

Why? There is born in some of us a will to win, a drive that forces action, we don’t eat, we don’t sleep, we don’t smile, we don’t breath until the win is won.

When? Now, I need to be selected to represent my country in the coming World Championships. I will race whatever races it takes to guarantee my selection into the team. I will be in Leo gang!
Determination and a will to win is my driving force, I want to race, I love riding and….. I just happen to like training.

There is only so far I can go on my own. I would like to race the Australian National Championships, and hopefully some events overseas that offer UCI points in preparation for the 2012 World Titles.
I am currently being supported by Nsdynamics, and Gt Bicycles have given me a bike to race.

If you want your brand represented by a girl at the World Champs I am the person to call.

Thank you for all your support, it is so encouraging to know that you are all out there, helping me get back up and on the scene again.

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  1. bada badman badunit badbad

    will be good to see her back

  2. Zero Cool

    Welcome back,

  3. Big-G

    Great news, been too long. Good to have you back Tracey

  4. stacy kohut

    this elite racer more than deserves a shot a the w.c. full time in 2012.
    most naturally talented female on 2 wheels since a.c.c.
    she should blow minds and doors off in 2012.
    she deserves full sponsorship based on her athletic ability alone.

  5. Aaron

    Looking forward to watching the women next year, going to be good! Sponsors: sign this woman!

  6. charlie

    she will kill all the girls next year!

  7. GGR

    HAha, she is an awesome rider no doubt, but a lot’s changed in four years.. she’ll kill it for sure, but not everyone!

  8. Mr Powermutant

    Would you bet against ACC? Then it hasn’t changed that much.

  9. Tim

    Cool. Tahnée, Tracey, both will be upsetting the results I hope.

  10. ddmonkey

    Ace – will be like 2011 for the men, young rippers coming through, will move the Womens competition on a level for sure! Its October and I can’t wait for the 2012 season to start already! Manon, Tracey, Tahnee and more.

  11. nats

    Go Trace!!!!!

  12. spud

    Wouldn’t bet against her mixing it up with the top girls! her results down under have been very impressive.

  13. ciku-marindh

    another beauty lady on bike… kamonnn Tracey!!!


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