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Tracey and Mick Hannah are 2013 Australian National Champs

Tracey and Mick Hannah are 2013 Australian National Champs

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

A great start to the season for Hutchinson UR riders Mick Hannah and Tracey Hannah on the new Polygon bikes as they become 2013 Australian National Champs!

Some close racing going on at a wet and muddy Mt Stromlo, Canberra (you know, the place they had the World Champs in 2009 when Peaty won), less than 0.64 seconds separating 2nd and 5th!

How long has it been since we’ve seen riders racing XC one day and DH the next? Gravesy did just that, finishing 7th in the XC and 2nd in the DH. Good Enduro training for the lad. Chris the Karver Kovarik is back on it, and Troy Brosnan looks like he’s coming back to form after his serious injury.

1. Mick Hannah 2:21.26
2. Jared Graves 2:23.09
3. Sam Hill 2:23.48
4. Chris Kovarik 2:23.67
5. Troy Brosnan 2:23.73

2013 Aus National Champs Podium: Photo: @CyclingAusMTB
2013 Aus National Champs Podium: Photo: @CyclingAusMTB

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 08.55.31

Looks like we’re going to get some close racing between Tracey Hannah and Caroline Buchanan this season! Just 0.43 separated them at Mt Stromlo.

1. Tracey Hannah 2:46.53
2. Caroline Buchanan 2:46.96
3. Lisa Mathison 2:52.23

2013 Aus National Champs womens Podium: Photo: @CyclingAusMTB
2013 Aus National Champs womens Podium: Photo: @CyclingAusMTB

Screen shot 2013-02-24 at 08.57.24

Full race report here and results on here.

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  1. Joshua M. Camomot

    great results! Mick is always strong at the start of each year maybe for the last 5 years. Graves is rocking in XC and DH this year WOW!! Sam looks relaxed and happy.. World cup please start soon!!

  2. Thats it aye

    Went from dry and hot, to wet like piss.

    Unlucky Sam, would have taken it in the dry.

    #Stromlosucks #WorsttrackinOz

    1. hairy

      this isnt twitter ffs!!

  3. adude

    Sean McCarroll’s still got something. Wow

  4. Nick Harewood

    Wow yeah – blast from the past there with McCarroll in 12th. Was wondering recently what happened to him… Some great sections in the Sprung vids with him and Minnaar on the Global team nailing DH and Dual tracks around the world.

  5. mr A

    There’s a lot of big name riders down under! Nice one Mick. Can’t wait for the world cup start!

  6. Intheknow

    Mccarroll has actually been in jail, for real, now working in a bike shop somewhere in southern qld

  7. jason

    flat pedals 3,4. just sayin

  8. Dave

    That’s some Podium for a Nat.Champs…Which one (or more of you) for the fantasy team ….mmm…

  9. Trigg

    mccarroll back from the old school


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