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T-Mo Racing: an introduction

T-Mo Racing: an introduction

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Huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’…well not quite.

Check out a smooth edit to help launch T-Mo (Tracy Moseley…duh) Racing in 2012. No full World Cup race season for Tracy this year, so I guess that means that she has really retired from downhill. Discuss.

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We can also inform you that Tracy has signed to deity components, read the Press Release:

World Champion Tracy Moseley Signs with deity!

The crew at deity is proud to announce the addition of World Cup Champion, Tracy Moseley, to the roster! The fastest woman on two wheels, Tracy will be on board the new lines of deity handlebars, stems, and more for the 2012 season!

With the recent launch of T-MO Racing, Tracy has set her sights on a dynamic season of racing that not only covers the World Cup circuit, but also numerous worldwide enduro races. Fit, hungry, and the proud wearer of the rainbow stripes, the addition of Tracy Moseley further establishes the evolution of deity since the recent release of their praised and acclaimed lines of handlebars.

“Tracy is a perfect fit with us and we could not pick a better ambassador to represent deity throughout the world. She is aggressive on a bike and, over the years, has become a person we truly admire off the bike. Our new handlebars are turning heads and she is the perfect person to bring them to the top of the podium. 2012 is going to be an exciting year for T-MO Racing and deity. With Tracy bringing a new voice to the table for us, we are sure it will lead to some new exciting products.” Eric Davies (deity, Owner)

On board the deity Blacklabel and Dirty30 Handlebars, Tracy will also be collaborating with deity on a signature Enduro driven handlebar for 2013. With numerous new product designs in the works, Tracy’s involvement with deity will bring the company into new territory while further solidifying their new handlebars as the premiere bars for the DH race scene. From the anticipated all new 31.8 stem and direct mount models that will make their public debut this Spring, the energy surrounding deity is a perfect complement to the drive of the T-MO Racing program.

“I’m really excited to finally get to use some deity product having watched the brand grow over the last few years. I’m looking forward to helping increase the profile of deity not only in the DH world but also in Enduro racing and really appreciate the support they have given me in my new venture of T-MO racing!” Tracy Moseley

Seeking new challenges to test herself, deity looks forward to supporting Tracy on her quest to dominate throughout the 2012 season. With her new program making its official announcement at the London Bike Show this past week, the season is already beginning with the energy that has made Tracy one of the most dominant female athletes in downhill history!

Stay tuned for more news from the T-MO Racing camp by following Tracy’s Facebook page, web site, and keep posted to the day to day happenings at deity via the deity Facebook page and at www.deitycomponents.com.

Welcome to the team Tracy!

(pics by Ian Hylands)

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  1. xcgeekdotcom

    hey dirt, with what you said in the intro, is she definitely not racing ANY world cup dh’s? i mean, the intro video for the team did show some dh rippin from last year… which could mean she will still race a little dh?

    the circuit will definitely miss her if she is fully retiring…

  2. Rudy

    Are women still allowed to race!? should have sacked off the womens race along with the 4x.

  3. milt

    well, she can smoke you anytime

  4. TallPaul

    Rudy don’t be a dick!

  5. Rudy

    She’s not my type milt and from what I hear neighther am I!

  6. Rudy

    Boo hoo paul go and cry into your pillow of pollitical correctness.

  7. Rosco

    Rudy, you just know she would kick your scrawny arse down any track you care to choose. Tosser

  8. Rudy and Dave

    I haven’t even watched the video I allready know that it will be filmed in at least 3x normal speed to make the women look like they are going fast.

  9. Faceplanter

    Rudy you knob.
    I have met her and her long term boyfriend. He’s quite well known in the industry….really nice couple.

  10. Zero Cool

    What’s the point in posting rude, abusive comments?
    I was brought up to believe if you can’t say something constructive, it’s better to keep your mouth shut

    Tom KP

  11. Joe

    Rudy, please take your shit to the proper place with the other angry 12 year olds:


  12. Ripsaw

    Rudy, I think Rudy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder. All the talk, cant ride for shit, so slags others off to make himself feel a bit better about his shite standard.

  13. Anoobis

    Ha ha ha “don’t feed the troll” haven’t you lot learnt anything on the internet? he’s got you lot well and truly upset!

    There are two racers that I’m really excited to follow this year – number one is Tracy and number two Dan Atherton. That’s over the usual suspects of British DH riders – peaty coming towards the end of his DH days and Danny going off on one, fairclough on a new ride/new knee/new face and desperate to smash any track he comes across.
    I think enduro has huge potential worldwide with the speed and fun of DH but more time on the bike. Tracey and Dan are going to be the first real sort of ambassadors from the UK and its going to be proper awesome seeing how they get on especially with their DH backgrounds.

  14. 4xlego

    I think T-Mo could smash most of us so don’t be such an idiot. And she could probably out jump you rudy!

  15. Munzy

    Looking forward to seeing Tracy doing well this year. I think she has made a great choice, this Enduro thing is going to take off!

  16. slamman

    Tracey Moseley… what a talent, can ride mountain bikes no matter what format and whip most blokes ass. Massive respect is due. i remember her first event and she won that. Fantastic ambassador for the UK and all mountain biking. All you young DH kids need to learn how to ride before you knock, we don’t all need an uplift to get back up the hill lol…


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