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This Is Peaty, Season 2 - Episode 7

This Is Peaty, Season 2 - Episode 7

Follow Peaty and the boys from Hafjell through to Leogang at the World Cups… but then revel in the madness of Thailand! See Steve get out boxed by a midget then take on a bear in the ring before they head to the jungle to ride bikes and play with snakes.

This is Peaty….

In celebration the Steel City Media boys are giving away this great wallpaper of the the man himself.


“It was a slow start to Peaty’s 2013 campaign… Building through the year and gaining speed whilst others faded, Norway was set to be his World Cup highlight, smashing his way back into the top 10 and just missing out on a potential podium place, behind his team mate Greg Minnaar!

Carrying this form and confidence into the final round in Leogang was key and Peaty didn’t look set to slow down at all… After a huge off in practice, some thought he might take it easy, but once again he powered through to a solid 9th place finish in Finals and also got to cheer the pet Rat on the podium!

Thailand is a place of many things… If you have the money, i’m pretty sure you could do ANYTHING you wanted. We only touched the surface last year, so another trip to Chiang Mai to see the Loose Riders, with Ratboy and Sambo in tow seemed like a plan.
Another hectic week, with bikes, beer, ladyboys and bars, we were all ruined and ready for home.

Check out the full story inside Episode 7 and be sure to catch the season Finale next month…”

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  1. David

    Please Steve teach Rat boy how to speak and articulate correctly english.
    he is a fucking nightmare to understand for a non english .
    anyway guys love what you did.

  2. Dirt dodger

    STFU David, it’s called an accent.

  3. bert

    I think he’s just stoned off his tits. Permanently

  4. professoranthrax

    “Please Steve teach Rat boy how to speak and articulate correctly english.”

    Haha, very funny


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