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This Is Peaty Episode One.

This Is Peaty Episode One.

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Slo-mos and timelapse intros, boxing sessions, Piaggio Ape uplifts, wind reel and process, Pietermaritzburg, Weetabix eating and after parties…the first episode of This Is Peaty has got it all and goes off with a bang in this Joe Bowman edit!

This Is Peaty Episode One

Fueled by Monster Energy,

Episode One takes you on an international whirlwind adventure. Starting at the legendary Ingle Gym, Sheffield, along with close friend and Heavyweight boxer David Howe, Steve hasn’t been slacking in the off-season, that’s for sure.

Getting in quality Downhill runs in the UK is tough for someone like Steve, who’s nearest uplift is almost 2 hours away… So any excuse to head for San Romolo has to be a good one. Staying over at Argentina Bike with SPS rider James Swinden in tow, one Piaggio purchase later and a few amazing days in the sun, the season was off to a solid start…

It might have been an early start to the season this year, but everyone came out swinging at Round 1 Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Huge Jumps, Dropper Posts, Weetabix and an ‘almost’ fairytale finish for the Santa Cruz Syndicate.

Obviously psyched for his team-mate Greg Minnar, but a tough start to the year for Steve, back in 15th place. But don’t worry, he’s not out of reach just yet though, with a long season still to follow.

Val Di Sole is basically Wharncliffe but a bit longer anyway, right?

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All photos: Duncan Philpott

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  1. gravity boy

    nice edit. Enjoy it with a tea.

  2. Mez

    Bloody brilliant!

  3. Aly

    Put a smile on my face on a crappy day!

  4. TallPaul

    Brilliant but just wish everyone would stop uploading to You Tube, always takes far to long to upload everything else works fine MPORA Vimeo etc etc

  5. Messy

    Brilliant, shows what’s behind the scenes without any of the over-serious boring crap (ahem… Athertons…)

  6. Fonseca

    good stuff ! love the ending ! AHHAHAHAH

  7. Jonny

    Really enjoyed that and it was refreshing to see the lads having fun as well as tearing the shit out of some hefty trails.

  8. Spooky

    Crackin! To still be racing at the level he is after so many years is something else…wot a boy

  9. TimBud

    What an excellent way to start my day.
    Legendary riding as you’d expect and even some classic cocking about.
    Laughed my arse off when Warner got a bollocking in the golf cart… he sloped off like a little school boy. Brilliant!
    Cannot wait for the next one.

  10. gordo

    Messy…. i dont recall the last few years of Atherton Projects been over serious? Far from it. So what if their corporate GT team launch was serious, the rest of the stuff with them hardly ever is.

  11. Sebastian

    Awesome!! Does anyone know the rocking-party final song?


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