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This Is Peaty - 2013 Hafjell track walk with Matti Lehikoinen

This Is Peaty - 2013 Hafjell track walk with Matti Lehikoinen

Peaty gives us a detailed look at the Hafjell track and an injury free Matti Lehikoinen joins him for the walk. It’s great to see Matti back at a World Cup, even if he isn’t racing. Hopefully though one day we will get to see him tearing up the World Cup circuit once again as few riders are as sound as Matti. Like I said though, great to see him back fit and healthy again, no matter whether he is racing or not.

Anyway, enjoy the vid…

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  1. Doug

    Matti, what a hero. So good to see him doing well after dealing with his injuries. There’s a couple of good interviews with him on redbull.com/bike about his crash and the recovery.

  2. nub

    Doug, could you please give post some direct links to Matty’s interviews, cause I can’t find them… Somehow navigating through this damn site is kinda hard for me:(

    1. skud
  3. nub

    Found it!Good and very honest interviews indeed.
    Matty (in case you read this:)), good to see you somehow got through this! Are you thinking about racing world cups again?

  4. nub

    Oh, thanks scud!:)


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