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This is 'not' Peaty - Mont Sainte Anne Helmet Cam

This is 'not' Peaty - Mont Sainte Anne Helmet Cam

Unfortunately the big man himself is missing this round of the World Cup, but the show must go on as they say in business. The reigns have been handed over to Brycelands capable hands, and to take us down the track at Mont Sainte Anne.

  1. zenboy99

    Whats the background track on this video?

  2. dirt dodger

    screw that zenboy – Dirt what’s the background on Peaty not being there?

  3. john

    Peaty what have you done hope your OK

  4. Gareth

    For some reason the video link isn’t showing up!!!!

  5. Hank Sssssstmper

    No Peat, no World Cup. Canceled. Period.


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