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The Trans-Savoie all-mountain Enduro race

The Trans-Savoie all-mountain Enduro race

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

18th – 23rd AUGUST 2013

The Trans-Savoie is the next evolution of all-mountain Enduro racing.

6 days, 20 timed stages, 20,000M descent, 5000M ascent.


An all-new point-to-point stage race 100% focused on technical riding ability and epic adventure, TRANS-SAVOIE joins the dots between skill, athletic fitness, mental determination, and strategic riding on some of the best mountain bike trails in the world.

Open to both Pro and Amateur riders, the week-long TRANS-SAVOIE traverses the stunning French Alps, following in the footsteps of accessible classics such as Passportes Du Soleil and ground-breaking modern Enduro events like Trans–Provence.

The inaugural TRANS-SAVOIE will see the boundaries of Gravity Enduro stage racing taken to a level not yet available in any other event: By fusing the rapid mechanical uplift advantage of France’s extensive ski-lift system with an epic 250Km route that traverses some of the Alps’ finest natural singletrack, the six-day, >20,000m descending statistics speak for themselves.

Adopting a rally-style format, the route consists of several timed, downhill-biased stages each day (typically 4) with a total daily timed descent of 3000-4000 vertical metres – covering a distance of 20-30Km against the clock. Untimed Liaison stages make up the rest of the distance, with the average climb-per-day sitting at ‘only’ 800-1000m vertical, of which 90%+ is climbable without dismounting.

The fully-supported event is the brainchild of the 10-year owner of Alpine guiding operation trailAddiction and uniquely exists by drawing on a collective staff knowledge of 50+ year’s of guiding experience and passion for extracting the very best routes in the Savoie region. The terrain is a blend of spectacular, open and exposed high-alpine and lower-level forested singletrack.

TRANS SAVOIE passes through varied remote and dramatic scenery on its 6-day odyssey, and utilises some of the Alps’ finest and better-known biking destinations (Les Arcs, Tignes) for daily de-briefing. The competitor will also be introduced to some lesser-known gems including Meribel, Areches/Beaufort, and La Rossiere. The affordable all-in race package will include quality accommodation and catering.

The first full event is scheduled for lift-off on 18th-23rd August 2013, with participation limited to a maximum of 50 riders.

The self-supported race entry fee is 895 GBP / 1095 Euros, although we expect most entrants will opt for a full-supported package which includes locally sourced accommodation and full catering , daily kit-transfer, etc.

Entries will open to the general public shortly. With a limited capacity this event is not to be missed – pre-register an interest to receive updates direct from the organisers via the event’s Facebook page:



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  1. accompagnateur

    I heard Trail Addiction are changing how they operate next year. Are they going to operate a legal guiding service now?

    1. Ali

      Short answer is yes indeed they are. Though in terms of service provided, there’s no change to the customer. I’d suggest you contact trailAddiction directly need more info.

      The Trans-Savoie as described here is something very different altogether, though…eg not sure why your question is relevant?

  2. Martin

    Looks amazing, great photos. What tyres do you recommend? 😉

  3. Jim

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to enter. Hopefully will be up there with Trans Provexe.

  4. Fish Monkey

    The authorities are never gonna allow racing on trails shared with walkers in August!

    1. Ali

      Whoever said anything about “shared”? 😛

      1. Fish Monkey

        So, you’re going to build trails just for the race?

  5. jaques

    Sounds like a great format to me, would love to get along and give it a go!

  6. Terry Barnacle

    This looks AMAZING. Good work. If it’s run by the same guys from TrailAddiction then count me in, they smoke the other holiday companies who i’ve been with before.

  7. James Dean

    How are they planning on racing these trails during mid august. The busiest time in the whole alps! There will be so many walkers and other riders around none of the racers will get a clean run in anywhere? Not to mention collisions!!

  8. T

    Very much like the sound of that will defo be adding to the to-do list.

  9. moniteur-74

    Hope the french authorities don’t get wind of this and create Gendermarie check points mid-special.

    Fingers crossed aswell that no walkers / dogs / locals get run over causing the cancelation of the event and upsetting the 50 people that have spent 1095€ on their weeks riding.

    Nice reponsible organisation creating a great image for those who are trying to improve the image of mountain bikers in the Alps.

    By any means IF and a huge IF they have their ‘Carte Professionelle’ for guiding then it’ll be the event organiser held responsible for the 70 year old hiker enjoying his holiday in the alps that gets run down, not the rider…

    If nothing goes wrong and no one gets pissed off and shuts this down before or during. It’s great idea!

    Ride responsibily.

  10. Mr L A Ding

    Sounds amazing. Ignore the negative vibes from the haters. If there is one organisation that will be responsible it will be TrailAddiction unlike some of the other outfits I’ve seen operating in the Tarantaise Valley. They are by far the most responsible and courteous.

  11. Trans-Savoie

    Thanks for the support guys, and for raising some important points about the race format and trail access of the event.

    To address the points raised, the entire route has evolved after lengthy discussion with the local tourist boards and French regulatory authorities. The route, in its extreme and remote nature, is on the whole not in conflict with more heavily used and popular walking trails. However as rightly pointed out there are some Special-Stage (Timed) sections that have raised local concern on the grounds of safety. The organisers have arranged local agreement to formally close each section of trail to other users on a rolling basis as the race passes through using a team of marshalls. This is achieved via a decree from the local Mairie concerned.

    (One might question if all 4 negative queries really are from concerned potential race entrants….or are they simply the misplaced rantings of the same failed ski-bum and wanna-be MTB guide that has a personal vendetta against the all successful, better-organised and well-reputed MTB operations in the Alps such as http://www.trailAddiction.com)?

  12. Bazza

    Mansell isn’t that eloquent and I wouldn’t class Sam as a failed ski bum

  13. Chicken in a basket

    or just simply 4 of the many locals who have no vested interest in the business side of mountain biking whatsoever but are genuinely concerned about the impact and resentment that this race might cause towards people who just like to ride these trails for fun on their days off

  14. Many locals

    We’re fine with it actually.

  15. Trans-Savoie

    Thanks to “Chicken in a Basket” for the inside info to the motivation of some of the negative comments. Hopefully my previous post addresses those concerns. The organisers are fully aware that any sustainable and long-running event needs to balance and address any local concerns – which is the intention of the organisers of this race. As with any event, there will be some pockets of local reservation….the “not in my back yard, please” philosiphy. Whilst aware and sympathetic of these concerns, on the whole the organisers have been very encouraged by the response from local authorities and tourists boards who, as you would expect, are keen to support any event that promotes and increases visibility of the region as a whole – which this event certainly will do.
    We would welcome further discussion about the above points with any of those concerned – please contact us directly: ali@trans-savoie.com

    Finally, the organisers would like to make it clear that any personal reference to Sam, Mansell, or anyone else, was not in any way intended.


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