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The once over: YT Industries Wicked 160 LTD

The once over: YT Industries Wicked 160 LTD

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The 2013 YT Industries Wicked 160 LTD looks like will be a capable enduro machine, low BB, 66.5 head angle, 29lbs with out pedals.

Apart from being rather good looking (well I think so) you’ve got to be impressed by the price of the YT Wicked, €2,999 (about £2400) with a spec list that includes: Bos Vip’r shock, Bos Deville TRC fork, XO brakes and mech, Reverb Stealth seat dropper and Mavic Crossmax SX wheels. Carbon seat stays too.

YT can do this because they sell direct, cutting out the middle man, meaning that his bike is available online only.

We’ll have more info on the Wicked soon so stay tuned.


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  1. Eoin

    This review will have a direct effect on my bank balance…

  2. scott

    Please say good things about it. I ordered mine weeks ago and can’t wait to get it dirty

    1. ROpa

      Hello scott,

      what day ? my order is from 17.9., they said 8-12 week days.

      1. scott

        Mine was ordered mid august. 8-12 weekdays is for posting. There’s none in stock and they just put the availability back another 6 weeks!

      2. ROpa

        few minutes ago:

        we are very sorry but actually we have delay with the delivery date due to delay from our producers. We can only assemble the Wicked 160 Ltd. in about week 45 and than it takes another 7-10 days to ship it to you.
        Thanks for your comprehension.
        Daniel Erhart
        Leiter Service und Vertrieb

      3. ROpa

        week 45 + 10 work days is date 23.11.2012. I think we will very happy if we get bikes on Christmas :-))

    2. Steve

      i got the same email :( week 45 7-10days to ship

      1. ROpa

        new email again… 46.week + 10d delivery. I hope that reverb steath will be there… Do you now which other 2013 parts will be there ?

      2. Steve

        yeah i got same email and yea the new ones come with the reverb stealth 😀

      3. andy

        Any updates on delivery times yet?

      4. ROpa

        no updates, still 46week + 10d

  3. r mac

    The parts alone cost more than the full bike, amazing. Canyon are the same, only thing is you gotta pay the full whack at once. No interest free or low option. I dunno why people would rush to buy lower specced and almost always dearer ‘ brand ‘ bikes that prob all come from China anyway

  4. Pepe

    Looks great ! Front triangle from Transition, rear from Lapierre. Original.

  5. Ben

    In the market for a 160 bike at the moment and it is very hard to ignore the value for money of YT. Looking forward to the full review!

  6. Rod Kimble

    Had the 150mm version about a year now, love it. For anyone considering getting one, do it!

    1. Steve

      Cool beans?

      1. Rod Kimble

        COOL BEANS!

    2. Steve

      i need to got to my quiet place!

  7. Greg Turner

    The fork and shock alone would cost you half the total cost of the bike! If you think that frame, shock and fork would probably cost £2000 easily if sold separately (and that would be cheap), you basically getting everything else for £400. Oh hang on, RS charge £330 for a Reverb Stealth, so group set and wheels for £100!

  8. Al

    I have one. It’s mint. So quiet and so planted. Taking it to Switzerland next week. Great company too, basic in their payment facilities and clearly a busy bunch but very happy to help when I had questions :)

    1. Daire

      Hey Al, how does the bike climb. Havnt heard much about how well it pedals online.

      1. Al

        Suprisngly well. Just sits steady and given its weight it’s not hard to get it to shift.

  9. Mez Eldridge-Tull

    I just got my YT Wicked 170… LOVE IT!!!

  10. Joe

    Looks like the perfect “do everything bike”! I want one…second hand…when I get a job…after I finish uni…when Im old and cant walk anymore…:(

  11. Steve

    just waiting for mine to turn up! seemed silly to order anything else at that price!

  12. Steve

    Bugger dirt no one else was meant to find out about these as i’m just waiting for mine to turn up! seemed silly to order anything else at that price!

  13. Darren

    Any chance you can confirm the effective top tube measurement, cheers

  14. Daire

    Currently trying to sell my bike to pay for one of these. Looking forward to the review

  15. dirt dodger

    leading the way for the sensible – well done YT Industries. bloody good looking as well

  16. Anoobis

    On paper I see NOTHING wrong with that bike. Its everything I want (except remove the trc from the forks and that front mech…)

  17. Hagar

    Awesome spec for a cracking price, tho they get some of it back with the 65 euro shipping charge.

  18. Johnny

    is that a large pictured?

  19. Howmuchisenough..

    Doing battle with my powerful bike/retail demons as we speak..

    I am Becoming weaker by the day… My Buy it now finger senses this..

  20. gareth

    i have my mine about a month now and its amazing machine, bos suspension is amazing the rear shock vipr is unreal tracks the ground very well. fox have alot of catching up to do..

    1. dlr

      Hi gareth, it would be great if you could measure the effective top tube to compare to their actual figures as you know manufacturers are often a bit out…cheers

      1. marcus

        Yep second that I am unsure about med or large ?

      2. gareth

        the effective top tube is 530mm, and i have the midum size frame, im 6ft 1 inch tall. they are a long bike. use yt measurement calculator its spot on..

      3. Rod Kimble

        Definitely long top tubes, I’m 6’2″ and got a large – it’s on the limit. Use some of the money you save to buy a nice short stem!

    2. Hibbo

      Do you know what Ardent is used on the 160 Ltd?

      26 x 2,40 56-559 F60 Kevlar + SW 60a 830g

      26 x 2,40 60-559 SuperTacky 60DW 1220g
      26 x 2,40 60-559 MaxxPro 60DW 1170g
      26 x 2,40 60-559 3C 60DW 1170g


    How does it climb? how locked out is the propedal on the BOS? cheers!

  22. Steve

    Could you let me know the length of the quick release lever and the weight of the right hand brake lever please?

  23. Dave

    Yay! Lets kill off all the LBS. Nice bike though!

  24. Dwayne

    Very interested to hear how this goes. This bike is one of a few I’ll be researching over the coming weeks.
    I hear ya Dave, the LBS could suffer but they’ll always be my first stop for parts, mechanicals I can’t or won’t do myself and servicing. If I can buy a bike like this at these prices online – maybe the whole bike shop model of old is in need of modernisation. This build of bike would easily cost a grand more from a dealer, the extra cost simply so various behind the scenes agents can have their cut of my hard earned.

    1. gareth

      i have one, jump on it while you can it a limited edition,they cant be making much profit on that just trying to get there bikes seen out on the trails..

  25. Dan Jordan

    I’m waiting for a 170… Excited. How is it? Tell me about it! :)

    1. Dan Jordan

      Arrived yesterday! What a nice bike. Feels great, well built and customer service is spot on.

  26. Steve

    just dont be expecting one soon… i ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and have now got a mid november delivery date :(

  27. Hibbo

    How long till the Review is up, can`t await it!!!!

  28. andy

    So to those that have bought: was it pay up front then wait 10-12 weeks for delivery?

  29. Nick

    Hi I have had my wicked 160 ltd for a few weeks and wanted to know how you guys at dirt have the suspension set up I am running vipr a lot harder than recommended at 230psi and the deville softer at 65psi ??

  30. Dwayne

    Came this close to ordering one but then canyon released their 2013 lineup and I ordered this

  31. Wasthatit

    Anyone know when Dirt plan to do a review on these, saw their blinding review of the Tues DH which has wetted my appetite…

  32. ROpa

    i have new info from yesterday email. Building bike period started, it takes up to 10 work days, then transfer via DHL.

  33. Gee Davison

    I’m selling my Yeti 575 to get one (hint hint) for no other reason than I evolved from a magpie and kept the gene that likes shiny new things!

  34. ROpa

    17 Sep 2012 – ordered and payed
    14 Nov 2012 – sent from YT
    16 Nov 2012 – delivered (Slovakia)

    – YT bike assembly instructions
    – SRAM component user manuals
    – E13 crankset user manual
    – Mavic wheels user manual
    – RS Reverb bleed kit incl. 120ml reverb fluid
    – Crossmax SX adapters 15, 9.5, 12×142, QR, tubeless set
    – pair o Wellgo platform pedals (450g)- for free
    – spare derailleur hanger – extra payed 19.90 in order

    Bike looks much more better in real than on web pictures, black&white frame design perfect fits design of BOS susp. and wheels. Bike is assesmbled with Reverb Stealth, rear X0 TYPE2 ! derailleur and DT Swiss rear maxle. Frame is very good designed and well made. Real weight is 13.95kg (without pedals) not 13.2 as described on YT web page.

    1. marcus

      Also received mine today Yippeee
      First thing changed was the Race Face bars for some good old Easton Havoc Carbon.
      Nice matchmaker XO single clamp for everything on the bars .
      Tubes in the Maxxis tyres , next things to ditch and go tubeless.
      Im bang on six foot and first impressions are I am glad I went for a medium.
      Riding Wednesday evening , will report back on opinion of ride .

      1. scott

        I got mine too, ditched the tubes and running tubeless still holding air so far, fitted an e13 trs+(nightmare!)but the stem came with the bolts cross threaded! wont get to ride tomorrow. Fired an email off to YT, see what they say tomorrow.

      2. Marcus

        Ok finally got a couple of rides in
        The first ride was horrible , Tyres felt really heavy as they picked up lots of mud and held on to it .
        Im sure they will be great for the Alps and rockier terrain as they are the Exo sidewall version.
        Rear disk was rubbing when cornering , easily fixed with the mavic hub adjustment tool.
        Forks and rear shock feel fairly good considering they are new , lots of air pressure in the rear shock , more so than a fox considering rider weight.
        My Medium feels very stable I could probably even use a shorter stem and I am 6ft.
        This bike likes to be pushed hard sideways ,once drifting it feels very stable .
        Its not bad at climbing, but does feel as if in the lower chain ring it affects the suspension more and feels like it takes a little zip away .maybe?
        so far it feels stable in the air although its early days and has not been subjected to any massive road gaps !
        My one personal gripe is that it feels a little reluctant to get up on the back wheel , maybe it gets longer in its travel or has a slightly long chainstay ? .
        All in all good impression so far.

    2. Fishybob

      Got mine too after a long wait and well happy with the unexpected upgrades (type2 X0 mech, new E13 cranks, stealth post, pedals). The bike looks gorgeous. Just slightly annoyed by the weight beeing 1 kg over their claim (ok, i have a large frame and they probably weighed a small one). Going tubeless and swaping rotors for floating 180mm. Otherwise can’t wait to give it a try at the weekend.

    3. Trev

      Hi, what size did you get? I’m 6’2″ (185cm) and not sure if the Large will be too long in the top tube. Just had a looong bike and want something a bit shorter for whipping around.

      1. Fishy bob

        I’m 185cm too any got the Large frame. Got a chance to try a Medium wicked 150 and found it a bit too short for my taste

  35. lewis

    Currently in the market for a 160mm bike and cant ignore this. Cant seem to find any reviews on it annoyingly. Anyone know when dirt are reviewing it?

  36. Andy Stanway

    Hi Marcus, I am thinking of ordering a 160 Ltd. Any chance you could measure the stand over at the saddle? from the floor to the top of the saddle with the post as low as it can go?

  37. Ciaran Byrne

    Hi there, I’m contemplating buying a Wicked 160 Ltd. I generally go for a large in bikes and using their online calculator it suggests a large. Two things however:
    1. they only have mediums left
    2. according to previous posts a medium would probably suit my height better.

    height 1800mm (5 11″)
    inseam 840mm
    torso 660mm
    arm 740mm

    Anyone any thoughts?

  38. Armin

    We reviewed the YT Industries Wicked Pro (2013) with Bos Suspension and Crossmax Wheelset. Read more here: http://www.baguslife.com/09/yt-industries-wicked-pro-review/

    (it is definitly a great bike..!!)

  39. Mario Pescaru

    Who have a bike like this,i want to buy it,size L


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