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The Mountain biker that hates photographers....

The Mountain biker that hates photographers....

This Mountain biker sends one of the last jumps, at the BDS in Llangollen on the weekend, a little bit to far, and manages to take out this unsuspecting photographer!

killing photographers


    hahahaaaaa. i hope there was no damage to either party or equipment, although to be fair he was the wrong side of the tape…..make of that what you will.

    1. Brian Anderson

      I’m the rider in ye video. In jamees (the photographers) defence, he was behind the tape. He wasn’t in the best of places, but he was behind the tape…

  2. Big B

    Is said victim the one and only Barracuda Bob?

  3. ste

    Brian Anderson again? mon needs to do a crash/win blog

  4. Craig Hoare

    Defitnally a snap shot, was on that spot Sunday, you weren’t the first to crash there I’m sure the camera men learnt 😉

  5. savdog

    that demo has got wings man

  6. Skootur_78

    I hope at least we get to see some of the photos from the photographers viewpoint…
    A sequence would be awesome if there was one?

  7. Brian Anderson

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