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The last Friday Randoms of 2012

The last Friday Randoms of 2012

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

2012 has nearly crossed the finish line of life and, while glancing back at the scoreboard of eternity, 2013 sits poised in the start hut of the future waiting for the midnight stroke of Big Ben before it launches itself through the timing beam of destiny and into the race run of life, we bring you the final Friday Randoms of 2012. Enjoy people!

It’s snow, which is soft and fluffy so that makes it okay to laugh.

Spare a thought for this poor fella, his mates don’t half take the piss.

Volvos; boxy, safe and seemingly indestructible.

Before Go-Pro. Go-Amateur.

And now a word from our Geography teacher.

Bike chain doggies by www.niritlevav.com

I think every home should have one.

I likey. Homemade transparent gearbox.

Socket to me baby. Quick plug.

Great chair for a mechanic or a lazy limbo dancer.

Tyre pressure monitor App anyone? www.ohgizmo.com

Top ten flails of 2012. Fails.

Not only a bonkas video but you can also record your own version at the end. “A” for sausages, “I” for drum thing and “Z” for flame sax did it for me!

Finally angry man Buckley awards the 10 shittest songs of 2012!

See you in 2013, have a good one!


  1. bedders

    I wouldn’t have believed so called songs could actually be that bad. Liked the Fails though, particualrly those involving girls in bikinis.

  2. adude

    Cant get off the muscle guy thing ! Helppp !!


  3. Hancock

    That muscle guy may be the oddest brilliant thing I’ve ever seen.


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