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UPDATE:The Great Big Dorado Giveaway

UPDATE:The Great Big Dorado Giveaway

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

UPDATE: I’ve learnt one thing, amd that is a lot of you want to chop people up!
I’ve picked a winner who doesn’t want the case for chopped up bodies and that is Chris who simply said “I really need this box for…
…I’d really like this box because…
f*ck, Billy, to tell you the truth I’ve got no real use for a box like this, I’m never allowed out to ride so my forks don’t need to be sent off for servicing (and mr Flooks isn’t intrested in ATA carts anyway) and i’m not allowed a gun (or dildos).
On the other hand my six year old would think all his christmasses and birthdays had come if I gave him a box like this – he could take his gloves to the BMX track in it!”

Sorry to everybody else but thanks for trying! Box in the post to you Chris.

Don’t get too excited it’s just a box. But oh my God, what a box. Remember we got sent a pair of 2010 Manitou Dorado Pros a a while back? (More on them later)

Well a lot of you seemed just as interested in the box they came in, so here it is, free to a good home.

It looks ace for carrying eggs and pool cues, maybe even an air rifle or how about some back issues of Dirt or marbles or maybe even a spare pair of forks?

To win just tell me why you want it in the comments below.


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  1. WAKi

    I want it because I have a flag

  2. Farmer.

    I need this case. Everytime I’m out on the trails I need a shit, this would be ideal to carry around to shit in and stop polluting the trails.

  3. Paul

    My Dorados didnt come with one :( Can I have this one to keep them in?

  4. Gav

    I dont want it, its looks too flexy!

  5. hae-ass

    I want it because I think I deserve it. The stress of exams,girlfriends any general teenage life is all to much but if I won this box I would be over the moon. I would pass all my exams because with this box I could transport all my books every where I went and become a genius. I could also transport loads of condoms so there’re no worries about the girlfriend situation. But yes, my main point. I could use this magnificent piece of well thought out equipment to transport parts of my steed. All my yummy spare parts could be nicely kept in this quality box that the nice people at manitou have made pretty much to my exact needs. So please, the good people at dirt. Find it within your selves to present me with this magic box. I love the magazine. Keep up the good works guys. From your main man Hae-Ass

  6. matt

    That box would be handy for carrying round the dildo collection for my next lesbian amateur dogging film (in HD)out in July.

  7. billy

    Matt will that be on DVD or online?

  8. Tom Laws

    I want it to store my disapppointment at not winning the Vincent TShirt in please.

  9. billy

    Tom, you don’t need it then cos you did win a Vinny tee!

  10. Nicolas

    I’m a 1 meter sandwiches addict and that food case is the only one that will allow me to take my sandwiches at work with a mtb and stylish way !

  11. Cal

    because i dont need it

  12. John

    I want it because I own a pair of Fox 40s which I have to send off every two weeks to get repaired. It would be very helpful as I wouldn’t have to keep buying cardboard boxes.

  13. Tom Laws

    Did I?! Wow, how exciting. Have I missed an email?!

  14. LYTHY

    I need it to keep my spare leg in, im always getting it covered in mud so this case will keep it sweet!

  15. olly

    I’m pretty sure that when my M40 sniper rifle breaks down it would fit sweetly into this box and would be an ideal form of safe transportation that would also help foil detection of such dangerous cargo. Life as an international assassin can be both dangerous and taxing I just don’t have time around house chores to shop for a rifle case. Please Dirt, I would like this very much and I do love you very much!

  16. Sam

    I want to live in it. I already have plans for the kitchen, bathroom and where my bedroom is going to be.

  17. Andy

    i just really like plastic boxes.

  18. dorny

    I have a small girlfriend and this well insulated box looks a very warm, dry, comfortable and quiet place for her to sleep at the races. Gotta treat her every now and then ay, plus carrying her around in it will be less hassle than piggy backs up the track when shes “tired”

  19. amurrican

    i win because you got 1 dorado, not a pair. if you got a pair, you’d have 2 boxes.

  20. Downhill_dan

    I could do with it so i could stick it in my garage along with all the other useless shit that i think will come in handy one day

  21. ace

    Well i could take it off your hands when i come down next month,i would have to leave some cake and beer with you to make sure i can fit it in my car ! (save on postage :))

  22. Tom Robinson

    It’d be great for my camera equipment!

  23. .

    oversised bag/ box for my drumsticks. there is a lot of ‘mines bigger than yours’ going on with the sizes of drumsticks at school, so this massive case should shut people up. it could also hold most of my school books and a small dirt collection.

  24. Rob

    For my shotgun.

  25. jake

    because i’m osum

  26. true east

    It would make a great ganj smuggling box or cut a hole in it and get some decent gloryhole footy from it.

  27. anthony

    I need a new home for my midget!

  28. Nath

    i want it to keep set of purple x-lite stubby barends in it – one thing i cannot live without haha

  29. Alex

    Everybody hates pigeons right? Well this box could solve everything. With it i could take my shot gun into the city centre, shoot some pigeons and people would just think it was some forks. So to end Britain’s sh*t problem send me this box.

  30. ddmonkey

    Can I have it to carry my giant banana around in to stop it getting bruised? Ta.

  31. martin

    i want it to keep the Gimp in on the way to races !!

  32. garth

    i would most like this box as i could use it to carry my bass guitar to gigs…… granted i might have to cut the guitar down- but it would be totally worth it :)

  33. trigger

    i enjoy sponging bullets in cod mw2?

  34. YD

    I need a clever place to hide my growing DVD porn collection from my mum. She’d never look inside that case!

  35. yvan

    j’en voudrais un parce que c’est trop la classe!!!


    I would use it to put the body parts of my victims in when travelling to bury them in the woods, after the recent ban on skinsuits i’ve decided to make my own. “put the f*cking lotion in the basket!”

  37. Chris

    I really need this box for…
    …I’d really like this box because…
    f*ck, Billy, to tell you the truth I’ve got no real use for a box like this, I’m never allowed out to ride so my forks don’t need to be sent off for servicing (and mr Flooks isn’t intrested in ATA carts anyway) and i’m not allowed a gun (or dildos).
    On the other hand my six year old would think all his christmasses and birthdays had come if I gave him a box like this – he could take his gloves to the BMX track in it!

  38. John

    Billy, I reckon Chris just won it right there. Brilliant!

  39. JonnyB

    It will be perfect for storing the 40″ handlebars that I’m sure someone will release within the next year.

  40. billy

    Yes, he’s looking good with that one, but he’s up against the dildo man, the guy who wants to carry his girlfriend around, the porn collector and the Hannibal guy.

  41. Jake

    This case would be an ideal remedy for my post winter bleeding piles. The bouncy bumps would do wanders for my innards, soothing away the devils grapes as if Mother Theresa herself had descended from heaven to kiss them better (god bless her soul). Furthermore, one could also use it to sleep in at the NPS 4X races, although I should imagine waking up covered in ones very own kernels is not an ideal experience.

  42. hae-ass brother

    I want this because I think need it for my giant pet vagina. He needs his space. Please, I’ll give everyone at dirt a free go. He is hairy, warm and has a nick name pussy puss pussy. I want to take him to fort William in July so he needs transport. This box would be more that ideal. Please, think of pussy puss pussy. Cheers boys

  43. billy

    Some of you lot are just plain WEIRD!

  44. Tony

    I want this so much. As much as mr blobby needs a poo. Please dirt. I also think I deserve it because I subscribed to dirt and didn’t recieve my free tee-shirt. This made me a sad wee boy but if I recieved this magestical box then it would make up for it and more. Please dirty boys

  45. Charles Robertson

    i want it for the canon 1600mm i dream about owning. Imagine how much tha would cost to take to a wc with Ryanair

  46. one-T

    why isn’t this called ‘The Dirt Box Giveaway’?

    I love a big box, one I can get my whole arm into.

  47. Stevey

    dear dirt, please my I have this box because I am scottish? I have mildly Ginger hair, red cheeks, I could get really fat if you guys would rather that, I also live in a hut made out of highland cows poo, my dad is rab c Nesbit and I have the same name as I guy from braveheart (hamish) my fridge is also full of irn bru and deep fat fryer mars bars. So if I had this box I could use it as a place to store ad transport sheep poo to make a new garage for my bike. Cheers guys

  48. MINT

    Dirt give me the box!please?i need it to store my m4a1 airsoft rifle for the big fights!

  49. Ask Frank

    I have a midget grilfriend and this box is ideal for transporting her about…….it even comes with special sound muffling foam to block out her constant moaning!

    I deserve this box for my girlfriend as I am deeply ashamed to be dating a midget. If you give it to me I will get her name changed by depoll to “Dorando” and get her forehead tatooed with the Dirt logo.

    How about it?

  50. InColour

    The reason why I need case is actually rather complex.

    The main reason is that I need a case to carry a large foldaway aerial. I need a way to communicate with a satellite that i launched last June. Without the aerial it would be lost; much like SKYANGEL 1000, now perpetually circling in a low earth orbit some thousand kilometres above.

    Without this aerial to warn me of my enemies presence through the satellite imagery, I would be in a grave danger indeed. The last time the agents snuck up on me and i was caught off guard, I narrowly escaped. Furthermore, this was only down to an elaborate system of trampolines and water slides.

    With this aerial i could also pick up freeview!

    I could sit and view Dave or Dave ja vu, essentially repeats of Top Gear and QI, while on ‘down time’ during my missions; I could watch endless repeats of Star Trek, with its uneasy mix of lycra and a struggle for meaning in an infinite universe, as preparation for meetings with my command team, at the end of which one or more once-trusted lieutenants would meet with a watery end courtesy of our mutant otters (which I had found out about on National Geographic).

    All in all, I think this case would be right for me. And please, spare a thought for SKYANGEL in the vast loneliness vacuum of space, too.

  51. Hamchops

    mate, when do we find out the winner?

  52. Ploughmans 99

    I think i could fit at least 42 ploughmans in there so I’d never be caught short without a perfectly preserved sarnie to snack on. Ploughmans, the perfect end to a day of uplift!!

  53. hairy

    this box will last longer than the contents.

  54. Big man

    can I have it because I fancy rachel atherton? Hehe

  55. willysnow

    haha sometimes I bloody hate this website… I thought you were giving away some dorados!! I dont want your stinking box haha

  56. Alfie Greenwood

    Im intending on going to Morzine, but im only 13 and i spent all my money on my bike and i always feel guilty when i ask my dad to get me something expensive. My bike has some totems solo air and the last thing i need is for them to get bashed about on the journey.

  57. Anders

    I need it so that I have something to carry my rifle in when out hunting dog owners who dont pick up after their “loved ones”… My trail is like a mine field..

  58. sam

    I want it to hide porn from my parants 😛

  59. Big man

    I’m fit and I’m going to my friends and I don’t want my finger to get sore. The box padding would help. Fankyooh

  60. Steve

    i want it because my 888 ATA is always in for service because it always breaks!

  61. rusty

    My pogo stick’d fit just lovely in there.

  62. Eric

    I would like to store my pet midget in it. It seems to keep everyone up at night and the case looks like it might be able to muffle the sounds the midgets makes.

  63. Jeron

    I need it to lock my little brother in.

  64. Rasta

    Can I have it because I sent you the link to this not-in-any-way-racist-towards-koreans video?
    Cheers guys


  65. ace

    Give it to Willysnow so he can look at it and remember he only looked here because he thought it was FREE FORKS, then when he gets the right hump he can plam it off on me (for my shooters)

    Like no-one else looked thinking free forks :) :)

    Do i count as staff ? am i exempt from this :(, will have to eat the cake myself..

  66. cassara

    cet dorado est faite pour moi et je crois que vous ne l avait encore jamais vu sur un demo 8……
    merci et encore bravo a toute l équipe de dirtmag

  67. Max Robinson

    its just a box guys, jeeeez. tis quite nice though.

  68. mistery man

    can I have it because I love Dirt so much? Your words are kushy like a hookers pussy. Mbuk’s words ain’t shit, there flows constipated. Theres a wee rhyme for you, now give the manitoo. Your boy, mc haha tom.

  69. etabs

    instead of giving a BS reason as to why i want it, im just gonna come out and say it… I WANT IT BECAUSE IT LOOKS AWESOME!

  70. Notorious big

    that guy that did the wee rhyme has mad skills. He should win for sure, he rapped to you dirt!!! That’s a sign of box wanting. Pick him or me hehe

  71. Notorious big

    it looks fine, so deal me it

  72. Martin

    I would use this box to smack those grumpy trail wrecking ramblers over the head with…

    and also to smack those dogs that poo on trails…

    and also to smack them naughty riders that blow out a corner then decide not to fix it so when you next hit it you just motor straight through it and become sad…. shortly followed by you thinking, “I wish I had a large box to smack the head of whoever did this.” On a similar note, many a time I have thought how useful a nice sturdy box would be to add support to a corner that has just been blown out.

    I would also use it to smack the mouse hiding in my flat.

    I also wouldn’t mind using it as a pencil case for uni.

    Thank you

  73. marcus

    I am a very small, slender vampire and this looks like it would make an ideal casket/bed for me.

  74. nicolae ceausescu

    I don’t want the box, but I would like to know how good or bad the new dorado’s are compared to possibly the other things around at the moment?

  75. nicolae ceausescu

    I actually think you should give it someone who has the forks but no box because when i had my x vert carbons I needed as many boxes as i could get for sending those truly awsome well made well sealed (they honestly didn’t fill up with water when it rained) forks back. Which is a shame because for the 5 min that they worked for every time i got them back they were very nice and the looked awsome.

  76. Philipp

    You see, Billy, I just invented an inflatable bike – of course complete with self-inflating chainlinks and all. It´s rather lovely and very james bond(-ish) but the prototype is quite unstable and still needs a thorough `cargo solution´ to take it on planes. Testing in Utah next month.
    I´ll give it back to you after Eurobike 2016 when it´s released, but until then, could I … err … borrow it? 😮

    A super-secret Inflatable Bikepark is in the making, too. Kinda-sorta like a big bouncing castle.

  77. Fordy

    I seen it and thinks ‘ aww that’s mine’ but then you have it. So it’s not mine. Make it mine. Please.

  78. Cafiamo

    I’d use it as a nettle carrier

  79. Christopher

    i don’t know, because I have a box collection.

  80. Niall

    the dorado logo is upside down on the box…
    …therefore, I am out

  81. RAW

    I love Drinking raw eggs in the morning but im held back by limited egg storing space in my fridge. The inside of this box looks perfect for an egg store. The hard outer case also looks ideal to carry my ironing board this summer as i take an extreme ironing world tour.

  82. callum buchan

    Because I need I need a place to cool my wensleydale cheese, its getting rather mouldy.

  83. Ribas

    I will give you the honor of giving it to me as it will be the very first item of my succeceful assassin carrer!

  84. MuSkA

    Because I could put my laptop on that to go to work and I would have the coolest work bag off all time!
    (I would do it really! Photos to prove it! :) )

  85. John

    Can I just say that reading the f*cking hilarious comments above makes me really proud to be a dirt reader. You just don’t get that kind of humour on any other site. I especially liked the one by the guy who wants to keep his midget girlfriend in it. Maybe you should put the best ones in the mag…

  86. Duffman

    So I can send it to Afganistan, addressed to Bin Laden @ Taliban HQ, with a highly explosive gift inside. Stick this IED up your @$$.

  87. nath

    Well im for ever getting “caught” by the old bill and old folks (generally with a scruffy dog) with a spade in my hand walking down the main road leading to our trails…….i only want to build bloody dh trails!!! so this box would be great for hiding the old spade in!!!

  88. Palmer

    I need this as I am going on holiday soon and I’m too tight to buy a suitcase.

  89. John

    I should get it because Im from Canada and i eat eggs every morning

  90. Ross

    I want it because i counter culture is the shniz and thats just what sticking a BOXXER in a Dorado case would be. mmmmhmmmmm…

  91. Poh Soon Teng

    i need a place to stuff my little brother in…

  92. Angus (aged 6)

    Billy, just a quick one before they drag me off to school. Can you tell my dad, glove box or no glove box, I’m not going to the BMX track with him until he buys me a bike. Deluded old fool! Cheers Angus

  93. Tudor

    if my Ibanez guitar could fit in the box, i would have bought a Dorado.
    that’s why i have a Boxxer.

  94. Christiaan


    As my Carbon Dorado’s didn’t come with one, I feel I deserve them. They would def come in handy for traveling, as stuff always get’s scratched or otherwise damaged on journeys. Plus, I can get some role playing going on as a sniper, hahaha….. Look in the case, big gun…… LOL

  95. Andrew

    HI billy im short of cash so can i have the box to sell on ebay?
    Isnt that where most prizes end up.

  96. Grimtech

    I keep loosing my phone, I really think this phone cover would stop this from happening.

  97. Leon

    I would like this box to use as a Coffin for my midget grandpa who is terminally ill with bladder problems as he is not tall enough to reach the urinal.

  98. Chris

    Will i would love the case for when i hit the trail. or as i am very soon going to be a dad September 5th. it would be a great case to put the baby things in.

  99. Mark

    I need somewhere to keep my wombat

  100. Dave W

    I feel it is my duty to confiscate this case as it is obviously a poor attempt to copy my revolutionary and patented “Dave W hinged” anti squeak Fork cases. Despite “anti squeak” hinges being in use in other industries for years and claims the hinges actually squeak? the credit lies with me for introducing the concept to the MTB world (as the whole of Ride Monkey will testify)
    Furthermore I feel betrayed by Jonesey who assured Sam H and me that anything long and hard from the dirt offices would only be given to us!

    I trust you will co-operate in this matter and there will be no need to get my lawyers involved

    Lovingly yours
    World Genius

    Dave W

  101. Michael

    Beacuse my name starts with “M”

    and because I’m from Australia. ’bout time you gave something back to your colony, what do we give you? Support, troops ‘n stuff. What did you give us when you got here? A massive place with a lousy desert and no mountains.


  102. WAKi

    You guys still don’t have a flag…

  103. Al Carson

    I’d really like the box for two reasons, the first of these is this –

    I have nowhere entirely safe to transport my spare MTB specific prosthetic leg, which I take with me every time I go biking. I’m particulary worried that it may get damaged in transit one of these days, thus denying me the joy of riding my bike.

    Secondly – The now usually caked with mud post ride MTB specific prosthetic leg, messes up my already fithly shit wagon pick up truck, this would be a thing of the past with this box in my possesion. Not to mention it will also stop people being so freaked out when they see me carrying my spare leg around trail carparks, and the events I take part in.
    So please Dirt dudes – give the case to me – big respect.
    Al :)
    P.S. The above story and plea is a fabrication in its entirety.

  104. Joe

    It looks just the right size for a correctly chopped up dead prostitute.

  105. Lew_ss

    I don’t need this box but… i like boxes and boxes need to boxed inside bigger boxes which contain smaller boxes the stacked on boxes containing other boxes. One box is boxless, and needs this box in order to be a boxed box, this box has a special box shape that only your box can box. so please send me your box so i can box my boxless box…

  106. Mr T

    D oes O riginality R eguire A ny D irty O utbursts

  107. le J

    I love case

  108. Mark

    I’m a gun smuggler that sends guns to Mexico to help in the drug wars. Border patrol won’t even think to look in the case with that big Dorado sign on it. I can bring my bike too to help with the disguise and ride in between gun fights.

  109. K-haki

    I would really like this box to send flowers to my mother on her birthday.

  110. adam.r

    I want it because it looks like a perfect sized clutch bag too prance around london with.

  111. billy

    @K-haki, at last some one who wants it for something nice.

  112. murphy.l

    Because I need somewhere to put my bike if I ever put it in the washing machine and it shrinks.
    (It needs a good wash now so I might try it!)

  113. Nick

    Damn, that thing is bigger then me. I could live in it

  114. Jamie

    I need something to keep my Tommy Gun in

  115. Daire

    I want it coz the box i get off your mom is shit

  116. Kurt

    My new school bag..

  117. Andy

    At last, something to carry my fragile ego in……

  118. Vladamir

    I need it to smuggle the nuclear rods into Manhattan, before the Americans find out. Jack Bauer at CTU, I think he is on to me.

  119. nick

    because it is sick!!!!!


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