The Dudes of Hazzard: The Dudeumentary Part 1 with Danny MacAskill

I bloody love the Dudes edits. Bit low-fi, full of comedy, speedy riding and random moments, it’s got it all. If you thought Clay Porters “Four by Three” was good, wait till you see the Dudes “Four b Two” woodwork special. Joe Barnes, Fergus Lamb and Liam Moynihan are a Big Deal (even Danny MacAskill thinks so!)

The Dudes say:

The start of the Dudeumentary brings a new era for the Dudes. Some new equipment to play with and the best winter in recent history, all the excitement has gone to the baeys heads. Claiming Big Deal status, they start to G-roll with the big dogs. Or so they think… Just the usual banter and fun from The Dudes of Hazzard as they prepare for the ventures of the 2013 season.