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Teva Crank and Link Shoe

16:56 21st February 2012 by Billy Thackray

Dirt designer Jon Gregory likes shoes like Imelda Marcos likes…err…shoes, and can sniff out a footwear shop at fifty paces. He recently picked up the scent of some Teva kicks.

Words and Photos: Jon “Shoe” Gregory

I was invited down to the new Teva showroom in central London with colleague and Bikemagic editor David Arthur to get the snoop on some new mountain bike shoes. Exciting stuff.

Following on from the success of the Pinner and the Jeff Lenosky designed Links that were released last year Teva have expanded their range. For 2012 the footwear company have produced the Links in black along with a mid-size version of the shoe, again in black. The mid provides some extra protection around the ankle and is the favoured shoe of Teva sponsored rider Sam Pilgrim. All of the technical features of the shoe remain unchanged. It is already an increasingly popular sight on the trails and I guess the old saying of ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ rings true with this shoe.

Wishing to appeal to a wider audience and still have a shoe that performs on a bike Teva have developed the more relaxed Crank and Crank mid. Inspired by an aging skateboarder aesthetic they are simple, muted and more down to earth than the full on performance characteristics of the Links. Both shoes share some of the same technical DNA however with almost identical undercarriages.

The Crank. Pub, office, garden…bike….supermarket. A bit of a lightweight all-rounder.

The Links now comes in black and as a mid length version…again in black.

Available in the summer.

Will update when we get the prices.

  1. Turk

    Those mid height Teva Links are very reminiscent of a pair of Air Jordans I used to have about 20 years ago.

  2. Faceplanter

    Those black Links look like ‘Special shoes’……

  3. chris dodd

    look like Mr Motivators Reebok steps!

  4. Pedalhound

    Yes…I like the mid height version. I think these are going to be my next shoes.

  5. Anon

    At £90 you better start saving

  6. john

    Look real smart those. Except the high top Links they look like the 5:10 special needs shoes.

  7. dan j

    just one question; do they grip as good as 5.10s ?

  8. James

    My thoughts indeed dan j. I guess when it come to flat pedal shoes the answer to that question is the only thing worth knowing.

  9. chris_m

    The Teva Links looks like a nice pair of shoes. Shame as always that their choice of sizes are cr@p! Why don’t companies consider people with feet bigger than size 12?!

  10. Dave

    Nowhere near as grippy as my 5:10′s… but for trail riding they’re ok + more water resistant.

  11. juansamwell

    the coloured links are nice but them black high tops look like a pair of high tech off stockport market in the 80′s. there the shoe equivalent of Derdrie Barlow”s glasses! hahaha

  12. bottom burp


  13. timc

    Had my links for 5 months now (worn virtually every day), build quality is awesome, as is comfort…..Grip however is not up to 5/10, fine as a trail shoe but if heading out for some serious stuff, “stick” to the stealth rubber!


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