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Taxco Downhill: Fairclough and Ropelato in Mexico

11:11 27th October 2013 by Dave Jaquin

The Taxco DH in going off this weekend in Mexico, check out this sweet helmet cam from Brendan Fairclough and Mitch Ropelato flying down the mental track and dodging local dogs!

  1. WAKi

    That’s not exactly Pietermaritzburg track… then the bumpyness and this year’s EWS. Some blokes in DH WorldCup governance should perhaps rethink some stuff if their sport is going to continue impressing people how dangerous and difficult a bike race can be? You know, make it gnarly at the first sight, don’t talk about speeds and the general public don’t go for that. They want to wonder if DHers do backflips during their race runs and ride through handlebar wide tree gaps – whether you like it or not. Show me the gnar baby… not hand made rock gardens

    Ego pump detached now – pssssss

  2. Gren

    That is all well and good and i am sure everyone would love to see that but at the end of the day they can only work with what the mountain has.I dont no if you have ever ridden Champery I have and let me tell you it does not get more GNAR than that place trust me so i guess my point is dont judge tracks until you have ridden them because what you see on the videos and go pro footage is not usually how it looks in real life.

    1. WAKi

      I’ve seen Val Di Sole and Hafjell. I guess Champery is impressive as well.

      What I mean is that it has to look impressive directly. Nobody owning some kind of bicycle or might potentialy buy an energy drink, who isn’t REALLY into Downhill racing is going to appreciate PMB because he is not going to wonder – is that really dangerous? I could ride that stoff with me XC bike.

      You know, you got to impress´em simple people, they’re the ones paying for this show, not the nerds.

  3. fereno

    I had to watch it twice, the perfect run!

  4. Rodney

    Unbelievable! This vid is so good.


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