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Swiss Tradeshow Pumptrack

Swiss Tradeshow Pumptrack

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Claudio Caluori has to be one of the busiest men in mountainbiking…

Yep, amongst other things he’s the Scott 11 team manager, Red Bull Crashed Ice main man, and he has to look after his track and trail building company Velosolutions. Here’s what he has to say about his latest project:

“We just built this new Velosolutions concrete pump track on a concert stage in a city hall in Chur, Switzerland, for a trade show in May. The government wants to promote pump tracks in the area, and wants the towns to build more of them. That’s why they got us to build this one for the trade show.

The big challenge was not to overload the concert stage, as it would only take 600kg per square meter. That’s why we had quite a bit of effort to do: We started by covering the stage with boards and and a base carpet. The outside of the turns were built with boards as well, the raw shape was made with polystyrol foam to save weight. The fine shape was then made with real dirt, which then was covered with 10cm of concrete. Finally, we had to make it look clean with the green top carpet, which might be covered with grass just before the show begins.”

Check it out.

More info on www.velosolutions.ch or www.facebook.com/velosolutions

  1. Dirty Dee

    I love this guy. HOw much would it cost to commission him to do one (or lots) in the UK? Or how much might it cost for the right materials to start one ourselves? I am really tempted to petition my local councils about getting some local pumptracks. They take up a little amount of space, fun for kids and adults and are self-limiting speed-wise meaning that inexperienced riders won’t be able to get going fast enough to potentially hurt themselves. They seem to be able to build them in ways that require little or no maintenance too which is a big plus.

  2. xcgeek.com

    absolutely beautiful. getting paid to build a pumptrack…and promoting the sport in a healthy way? too good.

  3. Howie

    Does he have any jobs going? Sounds like an awesome way of life! :)

  4. TEC

    Why don’t you just go do it yourselves ????? Price it up, give your council a solution and build pumptracks for the rest of your life.

  5. Jono

    I’m going down this road at the ( getting a pump track built!), it just takes a long time, but it should be worth the wait!


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