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SWEET AS BRO: Episode One featuring Kelly Mc Garry

SWEET AS BRO: Episode One featuring Kelly Mc Garry

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Damien Vergez and the FASTFOKUS team travel to Queenstown, New Zealand and shred the gnar with Kelly mcGarry for Episode One of Sweet As Bro.

As the title suggests this is a “sweet” edit, even the Basque Shepard geezer we’ve seen in previous videos makes an appearance along with his trademark long handled spade.

Who hasn’t dreamt of shredding with their favourite rider?…
To grab your bike and head out with him/her on some fresh single track with flowing corners and big jumps…

Regardless of our nationality, it’s something we all think about.

When we were filming Pista Prest Dago and Moustache Gracias, my friends and I came up with this crazy idea for the FASTFOKUS team to travel to different countries and film with different pro riders on their favourite tracks.

But with which pro riders and where?!

I spoke with Seb Giraldi, manager of the Châtel Mountain Bike Park, and Ben Walker from Champéry and Scott, and they were immediately motivated by the project.

An episode in Châtel was an obvious choice for me, Châtel being a great mountain bike park which everybody knows and loves. A big place for MTB and the host of one of the biggest European freeride contests : Châtel Mountain Style.

After speaking with Seb I sent a message to Kelly McGarry, who I met in 2010 in Whistler during my holidays.
He was open to the idea of making an episode in his home country of New Zealand.

After a few months of negotiation with sponsors and athletes the project was put into motion!

I would like to say thank you to Adidas Eyewear, Spank and Shimano France for their support in this adventure, and particularly Scott, Marzocchi and Châtel because without them this project would have never been possible.
All of these partners have the same vision and hunger as myself to develop the freeride scene all over the world.

I would like to say thank you to the pro riders who accepted to ride with us!

I’m very proud to show that in France we have a big culture of freeride mountain biking and I want to communicate this to the world.

So, I present to you the first episode and the schedule for upcoming episodes , which I hope will entertain you , and motivate you … to ride your bike

1st episode : Kelly McGarry – New Zealand
2nd episode : Cedric Gracia – Andorra
3th episode : Steve Romaniuk – Chatêl Bike Park
4th episode : soon !
5th episode : soon !

SWEET AS BRO – Episode 1 – Kelly Mc Garry >>

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  1. Rob

    that was SWEET AS BRO!!! haha sick video guys well done!

  2. dhdave

    That was the most bent thing ive ever seen.
    I actually thought they were about to plug themselves into each other when they were on that beach.
    honestly shocking riding i thought it was goon skidding through all the corners…what were they thinking or am i being completely stupid and it is actually a goon video?!!!!!

  3. guido

    i thinking of emigrating there now

  4. dirt dodger

    LMAO @ dhdave :-) , don’t hold back mate.

  5. Jamie

    Epic trails.

  6. matarratas

    There’s a basc flavour in it: Aupa la txapela!

  7. SowX

    Looks like New Zealand is a sick place to ride.

  8. Messy

    I admit I did get a bit worried on that beach with a full 4 minutes of video left…

  9. bikes&boobs

    What bike is Kelly riding?

  10. NZ joe

    Seen these guys around alot filming in QT. Loads of pro riders (Athertons) are flocking here now the lift is open. What more could you want.


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