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The Summum Arrives

The Summum Arrives


The new Mondraker Summum is here.

At 5 o’clock yesterday evening, a bike box arrived. It was a special bike box, containing one of this year’s most anticipated bikes, the Mondraker Summum.

We’ve got the Pro Team spec, which is pretty much as Fabien Barel ran his bike this year, with Mavic Deemax Ultimate wheels (they’ve got bladed spokes!), XTR Cranks and mech, and the new Fox RC4 shock.

The batteries have gone in our angle finder, but we can tell you that the head angle really is as slack as it looks. The bike is super adjustable though, with head angle inserts, cam links to adjust bottom bracket height, and also a wheelbase adjustment insert on the dropouts.

The news has taken a while to get on here because the anticipation to ride it took over and I went for a sneaky couple of runs down at the local spot this morning. Anyway, heres a spec list of our build and some pictures. Expect to see more in the magazine soon!

  • Frame: Mondraker Summum Pro Team
  • Shock: Fox DHX RC4
  • Forks: Fox 40 FIT RC2
  • Headset: FSA Internal
  • Brakes: Formula The One (180mm Rotors)
  • Wheelset: Mavic Deemax Ultimate
  • Cranks: Shimano XTR (167.5mm length)
  • Rear Mech: Shimano XTR carbon cage
  • Shifter: Shimano XT
  • Chainguide: E.13 LS1
  • Pedals: Onoff
  • Stem: Mondraker direct mount
  • Bars: Mondraker/Onoff Morph Downhill
  • Seatpost: Easton EC90
  • Saddle: WTB Silverado (with Mondraker/Subaru team logos)






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  1. Rufus

    Sorry, what size rotors?!?

    This bike looks great, like an Iron Horse Sunday, but better!


  2. Jake

    Yep I meant 180mm! Changed it now!

  3. nathan

    whats the weight on this puppy?

  4. Jake

    Its pretty amazingly light, I’ll try to get some scales on her!

  5. billy

    Are we ever going to see her back in the office Jake?!

  6. dave

    pass the kleenex

  7. Jake

    Im sure she’ll make an appearance at some point Trailmixdawg!

  8. Seb

    What’s the pricing on these bad boys, and who’s brining them into the UK?

  9. ronin

    this looks even cleaner than the Lapierre with a similar colorway

  10. matt

    want… now…

  11. mountainlove

    will be ready for shipping soon…

    such a beauty!

  12. Richie

    These little beauties should be into the UK by mid November, they’re being bought in by Silverfish and there is a (growing daily) list of dealers on http://www.silverfish-uk.com.

  13. obs

    A short cage rear mech would have been a good idea but apart from that and the weird upsweep on the bars, this is the hottest bike I have seen in 15 yrs of mtb-ing

  14. Tom Ward

    That is amazing!how much will it cost?

  15. mountainlove

    Summum Pro Team MSRP 6190€
    Summum MSRP 4490€
    Summum Pro Team Frameset 2490€

  16. iron bike tyson

    Why doesn’t anybody do black bikes anymore? Not all of us want to ride around looking like Ronald McDonald.

  17. iron bike tyson

    I recognise that wall. Bacon sandwich, anyone?

  18. Colin

    seat looks crooked!

  19. Ronald the five legged sheep

    That is the nicest looking bike I’ve seen in years! I like what they’ve done with the cabling and apparently it rides as well as it looks

  20. Gdog

    Very cool. What width is the back axle ?

  21. PeteG

    Awesome looking bike, possibly this years hottest piece of metalwork.

  22. Leethal

    Hats off to the guys at Mondraker that is one nice looking bike.

  23. Barney

    Muldoon, was running one in August…real nice bike, slack, plush and aimed at DH rather than some gay freerider in Canada.

  24. Julian Cundiff

    Perfectly good bike for the average gay Canadian Freerider or metrosexual UK DH chav.

  25. Barney

    “UK DH chav’s”

    The scene is getting a bit Chavy right enough…time to move me thinks!!

  26. SA Springbok

    That rear mech looks a little long cage for me…

  27. amplus taren

    I have a sunday and what can i say? this summum looks fragile…

  28. billy

    Just weighed it now, and the scales say 36lb but it has got tubes in tubeless wheelsets and FOD sheep droppings on the tyres!

  29. TRicki

    That is one tricked out bike. Love the adjustable bits and the internal cable routing. Going out to rob a bank. Back in five…

  30. rara

    whats the lowest the bb can go on this bike?

  31. cesar

    Glad you got it there! Does Steven allready stole it? Just to let you know the bike came with few wrong things that we didn’t have yet, but will have production. 200mm rotors, 165mm crank and e13 LG1+, just to let you know 😉

  32. DHPAUL

    Are they going to do any US distribution? How do I get one in the states?

  33. Jake

    I stole it first Cesar! Im sure Steven will be stealing it back soon though!

  34. ironhorse

    Great Bike,

    wow wunderfull looks They do a great job on details little blue andonised bolts and stuff but f*ck those ugly wheels makes me #@$@#%!$#%@


    appart of the wheels just great

  35. Tom

    The same suspension system: http://www.pacecycles.com/

    Nice bike!

  36. Tagi

    This frame is just bike porn…

  37. timo


    what size is your frame?
    i heard rumors that the bike is quite small compared to others. true?



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