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Subscribe to Dirt This Christmas

Subscribe to Dirt This Christmas

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

While we’re talking about Christmas, here’s a great idea for a prezzie for your loved one or even your girlfriend or boyfriend (Ha,I know they should be the same thing, but sometimes it just isn’t).

Why not give them a subscription to Dirt?

• 12 magazines direct to your door
• Ergon GE1 grips
• Dirt T-shirt
• Save 30% on the shop price (£13)
• Free delivery

Click here to subscribe.


  1. chris

    keep the hideous grips and T-shirt and I’m there!

  2. Norbert

    No grips and t-shirt but dirt 100 instead. All the subscribers want it. Make it an extra option but make it possible for the people who don’t live in the uk to buy the damn thing.

  3. Stuart

    Peaty Lizard Skin grips would be more alluring…..

  4. jonzo

    Can’t even give those grips away!

  5. Anoobis

    I’m a subscriber and i’m happy paying for dirt 100. a coffee table style mag like that is worth the extra.

    except for when all the articles get put up on the website.
    either make subscribers pay and only put a couple of articles from each category up to make it alluring for those who haven’t bought or make it free to subscribers and put all the articles up. one or the other in my opinion.

  6. billy

    Anoobis, I think your prayers have been answered. Don’t quote me, but I believe the Dirt 100 will be free to UK subscribers next year.

    Now, has anybody actually tried those grips? They might be good for easing armpump?

  7. James

    I got a grey pair of these grips the other day and they’re good. Usually cost £20 in the shops and got my dirt t-shirt free too. Pretty good deal all round!

  8. JT!

    I got some of these grips a few weeks ago and have been riding them since then – just wanted to try something a little bit different. Turns out that if you can deal with the marmite looks of them, they are actually really good. Billy – you’re right, they do seem to ease my arm pump a lot.
    At the end of the day people, they are free with a sub to the best magazine out there – quit whining!

  9. Nige

    Every one want’s a freebee, dirt 100 is worth £4.99. You can’t beat a printed product especially when you think of all the work that goes in to it to get it on the shelves. I hate forums usually but sometimes you can’t hold back. Don’t give it away Billy, just to piss them all off instead make it a tenna!


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