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Struggling to set up your suspension? This new iPhone App may be the answer

17:02 11th February 2014 by Ed Haythornthwaite


We don’t know about you lot, but even at the best of times we can find it a bit of a headache trying to keep tabs on suspension settings, and tinkering with them is really the only sure fire way to get the most out of your suspension. The problem is though that many riders twiddle adjusters willy nilly, and yes you might eventually happen upon some decent settings, but a systematic approach will always give you better results, plus you’ll learn what difference all those bells and whistles actually make.

Unless you’ve got some kind of phenomenal memory then in order to carry out a systematic suspension setup you really need to record all the changes you make, and the difference that they make to the way your bike rides. Normally we do this with a scrap of paper and a pen, but all too often that gets lost in the back of a van somewhere. Thanks to this new Bike Setup App though we can now go all 21st century and record everything neatly and precisely on an iPhone.

We’ve had a bit of a play with it and it works a treat. It’s dead simple to use and it has the ability to record all of the data we want. It would be great if the App could also time your run, but the developers have produced this in their spare time and adding that kind of functionality in would take a lot more work, plus there are plenty of other ways to time yourself and it’s easy to input your times anyway.

Anyway, the video below gives you a better idea of how the App looks and works…

Not bad hey! Especially when it only costs £0.99. That’s got to be worth a go hasn’t it? We think even a casual rider could benefit from this App, and it’ll definitely be of use to racers.

For more info go have a look at the website below, and if you’re already sold then click here to buy it in the App Store.



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