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Stevie Smith takes the win at MSA - Full Results

Stevie Smith takes the win at MSA - Full Results

Incredible ride from Stevie Smith, he takes the win by almost 1 second. Gee’s run was in the dry, as he went down the hill a lot earlier due to his qualifier, and the heavens opened just before the top ten hit the course. Stevie is now hungry to catch Gee in the overall.

Sam Hill is on the podium once again, 3rd place today just 2 seconds back, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until we see him on that top step one again.

1st – Stevie Smith
2nd – Gee Atherton
3rd – Sam Hill

  1. CriDavies

    Stevie Smith. Wow. Got to be one of the best runs in DH history. I thought the rain had ruined it but holy s**t he smashed it.

  2. David

    Great result from Fairclough on a track that doesn’t suit him

  3. Eoin

    Sick race, gutted for the top 10 guys who had to ride in the rain, but it made Smith’s run all the more exciting!

  4. Ed

    Gwin’s result shouldn’t be forgotten either, he was right back up there in the mix and one was of the few riders who managed to put in a great time despite the rain.

    And yeah great result for Brendan, but he was one of those lucky riders like Gee who came down in the dry.

  5. Ed

    Great result from Nick Beer too who came down in the rain, had a proper off, and still came 17th only 5 seconds off the win!

  6. spacehopper

    that was some run by smith!! cant wait for the next round..

    so does anyone actually know why peaty didnt go to mont st anne??? cant find out anywhere!!

    1. bedders

      I’m only guessing but if he’s not said, it might be because its something private. lets hope he’s at the next one.

  7. bedders

    great to hear Rob Warner almost unable to talk when SS crossed the line. And a couple of one-liners thrown in for good measure too. Particularly liked the “dental records” and “release of chocolate hostages” ones…. happy days

  8. DF

    Brendan doesn’t do well on “tracks that suit him”, and he barely limped into the top10 due to the rain.

    Unfortunately for him it’s a race, not “who looks best on a bike contest”

  9. micksick

    Brendan is so frustrating, he’s got so much style and is one of the most skilled riders to watch on the circuit. But he always seems full of excuses, he moans about courses no suiting him or generally slagging courses off. But surely if you race DH you should turn up to a race and give it all you’ve instead of saying i’ll do better on a “real” course.
    One last thing he bitched about not making the worlds squad, wtf? you need results to get on the squad!
    I also need to make it clear i want him to do well, i’m not bitching because i dislike him.

  10. jez s

    A quick look at Brendan Faircloughs results over the last few years do show a slight degradation in performance. As I understand it he has had some injury problems and perhaps his straightforward approach to training/prep and constant use of flat pedals has left him slightly behind the very fastest riders in recent high performance times? His last 2 results are good though (perhaps not what he wanted) but the trend is upward. And why do people say he got 7th but it was dry as if to say that beating the majority of the best DH mountain bikers in the world is not good enough unless you do it in the wet with one hand tied behind your back!! It’s a mountain with tons of variables including the weather and despite his amazing powers on a bike as yet I don’t think he can control the weather!!

    Brendan if you ever read this stuff please use it as motivation to prove the keyboard warriors wrong, failing that keep doing what you’re doing as I, for one wish I had 10% of your bike control and bottle and find it amazing and inspiring watching all the wc riders do their stuff..

  11. micksick

    I agree he’s on the up compared to the last few years and like i say i want him to do well, i’m a fan of his. Looking back at my comment i really do wish i’d worded it differently i come across as a dumb ass troll. it was’nt meant to come across like that but i just wanted to say its frustrating hearing the things he says on race reports and edits recently about wc courses and worlds selection etc.

  12. Oz

    Why do negative comments about Brendan always appear here after every world cup? Actually I’ll answer that for you. He is always in the media, in videos, being interviewed, and people talk about him a lot. This makes him great sponsorship material but when a rider is given so much exposure it gives people more information on which to form opinions about them. Who says other riders don’t complain about the courses? They probably don’t get interviewed, or always have their ‘corporate’ hat on and say the right things. Personally I think Brendan is a breath of fresh air. At least he speaks his mind. His missed worlds selection because of a BCF fitness test, not because of his results, and considering the venue I think is probably a good way of selecting riders this year. Back to Brendan’s results, how are 13th and 7th at the last 2 world cups bad results? It’s so tight at the top these days. For example he was only 4 seconds off Gee’s time in Vallnord over a difficult 4+ minute course. That’s hardly what I would call slow, and he does it with more style than most. Did anyone see Brendan’s horrific blowout and crash in practise in MSA on one of the fastest sections? That’s got to play on your mind a little bit come race day when you are hitting those sections even faster. 7th is a solid result, well done lad!

    1. Willy W

      Brendan went to the “fitness”, read pedaling test along with all of the other top Brit riders who had not achieved the required top 10 WC result (Andorra being last event) as set out in the criteria. So yes like all other Brit riders not going to worlds, Brendan is not going because of his results. The fitness test was last chance saloon for the riders and Matt Simmonds smoked the lot!

  13. Not Gee

    People slagging off Brendan Fairclough for moaning about tracks?! Jesus hes nothing compared to the arrogant, self entitled moan-box that is Mr. Gee Atherton…the guy doesn’t even know hes born!

  14. Spencer

    Stevie looks like he has been freebasing adrenaline in the post-race interviews. Could he be any more wired!


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