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Stevie Smith goes fastest in the Timed Session - PMB World Champs


Big wheels keep on turnin’

Uh oh this is sure going to upset things… Stevie Smith goes fastest in the timed session here at Pietermaritzburg…on his big wheeled prototype bike, second fastest is Mitch Ropelato on his 29 inch Enduro bike. Gee is the fastest man on a Downhill bike coming in third fastest.

1st – Stevie Smith
2nd – Mitch Ropelato
3rd – Gee Atherton

  1. John Korfiatis

    I am stoked with the news

  2. Part+time

    Hill and Gwin?????

  3. tommy

    ha! Pietermaritzburg always seems to upset the apple cart. that’s an amazing result for Mitch, have you got full results please?

  4. nige

    Gwin flatted, sam crashed

  5. skud

    I still think it’ll be either Gee, Mick or Greg for the win.

  6. Bren

    Means nothing. The splits tell the true story.

  7. fanboy

    Who makes fun of Ropelato and Graves’s bike choices now? It’s the track they should make fun of..

    Anyway, horses for courses – let the best package win!

  8. luke

    the only reason the 29ers are fastest is because the coruse is pedaly take that out add few more turns and the 26inch wheels would be quicker

    1. Dave

      REALLY Luke? Imagine that, maybe you should tell the guys running 29ers what you have come up with. Oh hold on….

  9. Mutly

    Remember this is just Timed Training. This is not Qualifying and does not affect start positions.

  10. rhs

    Flat and a crash from top riders? How is that possible as its NOT a dh track (allegedly)

  11. Matt

    What happened to Brook too?

  12. Stevie Bell

    650b wheels are not ‘big wheels’ by any stretch of the imagination. Their radius is only 14 mm greater than that of ’26″‘ wheels.


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