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Stevie Smith goes fastest in qualifying at Leogang

Stevie Smith goes fastest in qualifying at Leogang

Stevie Smith qualifies fastest at the final round of the UCI DH World Cup, here in Leogang.

Tomorrow will see the battle truly commence, only three points now separate Stevie Smith and Gee Atherton and those three points are in favour of Stevie. The whole series rests on the shoulders of tomorrow’s final, and it could go either way!

At the first split today, Gee was up by .8, second split Stevie was up by .4 and over the line Stevie was 1.263 quicker than Gee, basically tomorrow whoever finishes quicker than the other will take the title, it’s sure as heck going to make tomorrows racing even more exciting.

One rider who has put down a cracking result in today’s qualifying is Mick Hannah, who’s sandwiched in between Gee and Stevie, just .05 seconds in front of Gee!

Make sure you tune into Redbull tomorrow at 2.15 UK time, you can watch it here.

Place your bets here! Who’s going to take the series? Gee or Stevie?

1st – Stevie Smith
2nd – Mick Hannah
3rd – Gee Atherton

  1. I am looking @ this but should be working

    oooooooooooo little bit excited now

  2. Rob Steep

    I don’t know what the go is but I can never see these results in Chrome. I always have to switch to Explorer to see them.

    Sometimes have to do the same with Dirt TV vids but sometimes not.

    Anyone else have the same problem?

    1. jimferno

      Chrome displays it fine here…

    2. Iñigo Lacave Azpeitia

      Safari doesn´t work either

  3. Jérémy Frotey

    Hill and Hart DNF?

    1. 8p8

      Yes, because the track is too flat…:-)

  4. xcgeek

    wyn masters with a solid 18th! back it up tomorrow SON!

  5. atalas

    steve peat 98th at split 1, qualifies in 8th. what a legend! hope he smashes it tomorrow!

    1. Matt

      98th thought the speed trap


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