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Steve Peat wins the Saracen BDS round at Bringewood


Last weekend saw the 5th round of the Saracen BDS at Bringewood, some pretty big names were in contention, with the likes of Sam Dale, Harry Heath, Joe Smith, Bernard Kerr, Adam Brayton and the big man himself, Steve Peat. Peaty took the win from Sam Dale by about 2 seconds.


Elite Men:

1st – Steve Peat
2nd – Sam Dale
3rd – Ruaridh Cunningham


Elite Women:

1st – Jess Stone
2nd – Rachel Walker


Photos: British Downhill Series

  1. Jarno

    Hah! I saw that! You weren’t fast enough editing the typed results.. There was Adam Brayton 3rd typo :D

  2. bedders

    top quality podium, not who’s standing on it, the podium itself. Only kidding, made up for Peaty.

  3. jezzas

    Could it really happen for peaty at words – at 39. Would be such a great story if it did not that the mainsteam media would give it much (if any) attention. Found the full results here:


    Think the chap from roots & rain is injured (from reading some tweets) so might be helpful if your looking for results.

    1. jezzas

      mainstream not mainsteam! And get well soon to Roots & Rain chap

  4. Tomo

    My god the prize money is laughable £300 quid for the winner!

  5. Al Carson

    Did only two girls turn up? Shame :(


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