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Steve Peat wins Juice Lubes National Champs at Ae Forest

Steve Peat wins Juice Lubes National Champs at Ae Forest

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Steve Peat is the 2010 National Champion after taking the win at a wet and muddy Ae Forest.

Jess Stone is the new womens National Champion.

1. Steve Peat
2. Gee Atherton
3. Josh Bryceland
4. Matt Simmonds
5. Fergus Lamb
6. Danny Hart

Thanks to Dan Stanbridge (first race back from injury, good work Stanny) for the result updates.



Mens podium.












Masters. (Keep her steady Stanny!)

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  1. tom

    yes peaty, he’s on a come back!!!!!!!!

  2. Messy

    The man’s still got some pace! Everyone has bad results sometimes, this shows he still has the ability to beat them all on his day. Encouraging news.

  3. jay

    considering all the problems with affy lately i’m amazed to see Gee up there. good effort lad!

  4. Isaac

    What happened to Manon? I’m surprised she didn’t race.

  5. stephen

    Well done Peat….!!!!!!

  6. tom

    where’s junior?

  7. nathan

    Who was junior national champ??

  8. billy

    Juniors up now, Lew Buchanan takes the win

  9. Douglas Hogg

    Is this stannys first race back?

  10. billy

    Yes, first race back, he said he took it easy because he didn’t want to crash on the shoulder…good result considering.

  11. Paul

    really happy for peaty! anyone know if brayton was there?

  12. matlem

    by the look of Gee on the podium, doesn`t look happy old school has just beaten him.

  13. Danimalbeastwood

    Brayton had a crash just out of the start gate on his seeding run thats all I know

  14. ben whitehead

    brayton had a massive crash in the rock garden. some one got it on film

  15. Anoobis

    blimey, peaty didn’t win by a small amount either, did he cut a corner!?!

  16. tom h

    i think maybe gee didn’t want the jersey again and probably stopped or took it steddy in his run

  17. rat

    Old school rules!!! he won fair and square

  18. dave

    peaty stopped on his seeding run, think it was so he was one of the first down in his cat, reckon he done this to try and avoid the gash weather that was forecast for a bit later on. Gee was mega pee’d off to say the least afterwards, great move on steves part

  19. rat

    steve crashed his brains out in seeding pal and gashed his arm to fook

  20. lewisbuchanan

    Miami killed it too.

  21. TimLake

    Wicked race, Brayton crashed big time in the rock garden. Wideopen will have a mega clip of that up in the week, Peaty crashed near the bottom and cruised down. Gee wasn’t happy with Peaty beating him, but mega congrats, and a wicked result for bryceland!

  22. Paul Roberts

    Yeah i got Braytons crash, savage but he walked away, hardly got any shots of Peaty tho, bummer, video will be online tomorrow.

  23. Redwoodrider

    Way to go Peaty and Josh Congrats

  24. Von DH

    Looks muddy as hell,looking forward to watching the video.big grats to Peaty, Unlucky Gee. and good to see Young Danny making some noise 6th good job

  25. Rob

    How come they raced the old track? (or at least into the old finish arena)

  26. Alfie Polax

    So were conditions a lot better for Steves run?

  27. james

    unlucky sam flockhart,saw you coming off the track before the coffin jump.would have taken the win for sure.good to see you riding well on the new bike.


    Yea Mr Simmonds!Congrats on 4th place dude. Nice one! Good luck for next weekend. Another top 10 finish?????

  29. Seb

    Full results in a less-smudged format are over at R&R:
    (in fact, they were up at 6:30pm yesterday..)

  30. Treehuggergraeme

    Ok I’m not happy. 8.58am and no race coverage video online!!??!!!!
    I might have to resort to working this
    Monday morning instead. Gutted.

  31. Rolo

    @Seb I like the smudged look.

  32. billy

    @Treehuggergraeme, ha…don’t do any work…I’ll find a nice video for you to watch until the Champs edits start flowing in!

  33. Richard park

    Its a local holiday in Glasgow and I have to work as I work for a London based company!- Nothing happening either!! So come on Billy get us a nice vid or two to inspire! :)

  34. Christo

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/campagan/4807759895/ proof that peaty crashed and didnt stop in qualies

  35. Paul Roberts

    PC keeps crashing, happy days.

  36. mm

    This is the WC jersey Pre Crash 😉 before the start

  37. billy

    Come on Paul, sort out the PC and bang that edit out!

  38. dave

    fair enough if peaty crashed, i couldn’t see him on the whole course could i, i did see him stop tho’ right after the double at the bottom

  39. Paul Roberts

    Exporting now Billy, then upload, eta a couple of hours yet bloody slow internet in the valleys.

  40. Paul Roberts

    P.S. Its a banger even tho i got shit shots of Peaty.

  41. billy

    Tidy darts! I’ll keep an eye out tonight then!

  42. TimLake

    Mine should be up later tonight too! 7 minutes of being pissed on by standard scottish rain. If only I knew good ways to export :(

  43. Paul Roberts

    Fair play Tim that rain actually did suck.

  44. ste-tommo

    tim have you kept some sound on from the woods? crowds were every bit as rad as the riding

  45. Paul Roberts

    Video will be online shortly, spot my stupid mistake.

  46. Paul Roberts

    Deleted the video due to a stupid schoolboy error, what a cock.

  47. TommyD

    Get in there peaty!! Well done lad.

  48. billy

    Ah, looked good to me Paul?! Got to hit the hay now, up at 4am, I’ll get Renners to post them in the morning.

  49. natschavez

    go on peaty, fookin ace.

  50. TimLake


    Vidder is onnnnn! Ste, i got lots of cowbell!

  51. Treehuggergraeme

    B A N G E R!!!
    No doubt because of the rain we’ll see less nationals coverage this race. But that’s all good, I think this vid was all I needed to get me up to date. Bring on Champery.


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