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Stanton Bikes - Slackline 631

16:50 23rd July 2013 by Ed Haythornthwaite

Dan Stanton has been a busy man because last week we showed you the new Stanton 4X frame, and now we can show you his latest version of the frame that started it all for Stanton Bikes; the Slackline.

If you’re unaware of the Slackline then to cut a long story short it is one of the best hardtails that we’ve ever ridden mainly thanks to its brilliant geometry. That geometry is backed up with great attention to detail and a first class finish. The original Slackline is made from Reynolds 853 tubing which helps result in a frame that is light and strong, and has a ride quality that is tough to beat.

So, what’s this new Slackline 631 all about then? Well I’ll let Dan tell you that…

I kept getting asked by various people if I could do a few tweaks to the Slackline to make it even better (everything can be improved), and now I’ve finally been able to make those requests a reality. The new 631 has a 44mm head tube to fit both 1.1/8th and tapered forks, plus it also has a 31.6mm dropper seat post compatible seat tube, full outer cabling and the ability to fit a whopping 2.5″ tyre with plenty of clearance should you need to! Also, the change is tubing has meant that it’s now even more affordable at just £385!
But why 631 I hear you ask? Well, after a natter with Keith the M.D of Reynolds UK, he enlightened me to the fact that 853 and 631 are the same weld strength. Using the same gauge tubing in 631 as 853 means the frame weight is the same!

That last statement had me scratching my head a bit, I mean can that really be true? If so why does anyone bother to use 853 when making a frame. Well after a bit more digging it turns out that it is true and the only real benefit that 853 brings is increased dent resistance. That quality really comes into play if you’re making an ultralight XC or road frame which is going to be built with really thin walled tubes, but you simply can’t make a long travel hardtail frame from that kind of tubing because you’d end up ripping the headtube off, you have to use something thicker. If you’re using thicker tubing then that automatically increases dent resistance, hence why Dan has now realised that he can happily use 631 for this Slackline frame. The end result is a frame which is just as strong, just as light, cheaper, and still has good dent resistance. It sounds like a great move to me. As for the new headtube and dropper post compatibility, those are both great moves too.

Dan will be dropping one of these off with us to test next week so that we can see if he really has managed to make an even better hardtail frame for less money, but if you don’t feel the need/can’t wait to see what we think of it then he already has stock of these frames. So what are you waiting for?

Price: £385.00


  1. James

    44mm and 31.6 does make it look a bit worse though, those beer can headtubes do look a bit ming. Still going to buy one as soon as someone will take my 16″ cotic soul frame off me though! going up in dirt classifieds asap!

  2. Aaron

    Hey Dirt, I haven’t seen a hardtail feature in a while. You should compare the new Slackline to a Canfield Nimble 9. Both are economical steel hardtails with similar super fun geometry (aka short chainstays). Would be a interesting look at effect of wheel size. I have a Nimble 9 and love it, but I doubt it’s as fun as this bike…

    1. The butcher

      We’re on the case Aaron…..

    2. The butcher

      Where did you get the Canfield from?

      1. Aaron

        I’m back in the states now, so I ordered my Canfield direct from them via their website. They’ve got good customer service, I bet they’d hook you guys up.

      2. Marty

        and dont forget the Chromag’s – Surface & Rootdown. My Surface is a great ride. Nearly went for a Nimble 9 but the geometry was a little off for me

  3. Tam

    Yes, 631 and 853 have the same strength in the middle of the weld (where material is much thicker due to the added filler), but 853 is significantly stronger in the heat affected zone (just next to the weld bead) and throughout the rest of the tube.

    631 is much better value for money, and still a great material (in my opinion). But 853 is just that much stronger (so can be made lighter for the same strength), so its useful to either maximise strength or minimise weight.

    Essay over. :)

  4. Dave

    Guess that’s why you use 631 on your frame to Tam!

    The Stanton looks so cool and well finished, the black is the one for me!
    Keep up the good work Stanton!

  5. Andy Coumbe

    Ages ago you did a hardtail special. Time for another one?

    1. The butcher

      Andy, I agree…..

  6. nick

    Will they be doing that wild raw finish and badge work like the 4x? I REALLY want a raw finish like the 4 cross…

  7. Dan

    Yo Nick!

    There’s no plans to move the clear coat style over to Slackline I’m afraid.
    And the head badge style is only for the DJ and 4X. The Slackline is exposed to much worse whether conditions (you wouldn’t go out park and street riding in heavy rain) than the DJ and 4X for a prolonged periods, the demand on its ‘ride and dump in the shed’ qualities are greater than that of the DJ and 4X race frame. Think you’d be pissed off at me if you’d been round Cannock and peak riding 5 time in the winter with out cleaning it after each ride and the headset bearings seized.

  8. Dan

    Butch! Bring on the Hardtail issue!

  9. Seb

    Is there any option for stealth cable routing yet of the dropper seatpost?

    1. Ed

      I’d say just drill a hole, but Dan would probably tell you not to.

    2. Hancock

      I’d say don’t be so daft. Your dropper post will need maintenance sooner or later, when it does you’ll be cursing the folly of wanting that ‘invisible’ cable.

      1. The butcher

        Hancock. Your a very clever man.

      2. Ed

        It really isn’t that hard with a stealth Reverb, the hose even now has a thingamabob which allows you to easily disconnect it several times without the need for a re-bleed. Personally I’d much rather a tiny bit more hassle every once in a while than a hose that flaps about like mad and gets caught on things, but that’s just me…or you could just run a KS Lev post! I’ve been really impressed with them.

  10. Dan

    Looking at a stealth option on Ti frames but not on steel as it’d be a rust nightmare! Even a nice tight rubber grommet gets sitting water winter it. That’s my assumption, I may try it and see how bad it gets over X amount of time. But entail thought, ‘rusty nightmare’

    1. Ed

      What about coating the inside of the tube to rust proof it? Some frame builders do that as standard on every tube of their steel frames because unless they’re fully sealed then water is always going to work its way in.

  11. Tobias

    I think the Blender might have been discontinued? Otherwise would be interesting to stick your old favourite in to the mix for a HT issue

  12. Gogzee

    Just bought an Identiti AKA as it was tapered and dropper compatable but had originally wanted a Slackline but for those limitation. Slightly gutted but at least I know what I’ll be getting next!

  13. jonson

    Dirt def do another hardtail feature recently built up a Cotic BFe and it is so much fun. Would have got the Slackline but this wasnt available then and Cotic came with 44mn headset /dropper post sized tubing etc already

  14. treehuggergraeme

    So bikes we’d like to see on the next hardtail features…

    Production Privee Shan
    Cotic Bfe
    Transition Trans Am
    Dialled Alpine
    SantaCruz Chamelleon

    1. Hancock

      On One 456 and NS Surge for frames at the cheaper end too.

      1. treehuggergraeme

        Including the NS Surge would be good, purely because that bike rips, I love mine. I guess you would have to do two hardtail features now though, 26 and 29er – got to get the Kona Honzo in there because that bike looks rad.

  15. jonson

    Great list treehuggergraeme, never ridden one but worth popping the onone Ti 456 on there too?

  16. Antony Bailey

    treehuggergraeme – spot on list! I’d just add a Chromag Surface

  17. Dan

    Yeah that’s a great list! I’d love to see a big comparison test!
    Come on Mike, do a Hardtail issue!

  18. tom willis

    can you add identiti aka and maybe dartmoor hornet to the list?
    ive ordered a 631 and cannae wait to get her built up.

  19. BRUNA

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