St Andrew's Day Friday Randoms

Hoots Mon! It’s the feast day of Saint Andrew today, so here’s feast of Randomness that may or may not include anything Scottish!

Bagpipes and a kilt ticks the box for a St Andrew’s Day video, the addition of Darth Vadar and a uni-cycle makes it comedy gold.

Think I saw her in the pub last night.

Good grip.

It’s an oldie but I still love Monkey versus Robot!

Sticky slippers.

Some weird anamorphic projections and a cat that’s not.

Evolution according to Peter Stringfellow.

Insomnia by Faithless remixed by a homeless dude playing the spoons. He’s a star.

Talking about teeth, did you hear about the Buddhist who declined an anaesthetic at the dentists? Yes, he wanted to transcend-dental-medication! Ah, it’s the way I tell them.

Arachnophobes might want to look away now!

Goats are mad for it.

Blimey, those National Geographic fellas go to some lengths for a photo of a bird.

Lolz, OMG!

Two types of bass playing for you here. First a Robot playing Hysteria by Muse…

…and my all time hero fav, the late Cliff Burton tearing into Anesthesia on his Rickenbacker in 1983. I get a bit misty eyed every time I watch this. Simply awesome.

Sofa so good.

Let’s end with some foot stomping, sing along 500 Mile tunage from glasses wearing Scottish songwriters The Proclaimers.

Have a good weekend folks!


  1. rick

    Most hilarious randoms in a while.

  2. Leon

    Fucking hell ! the guy with the slippers and the guy on the sofa took a hell of a slam !

  3. mr f

    hahahhaha best one in a loooong time!

  4. Riv

    Anesthesia took me longer to learn than riding a bike. RIP Cliff.

    1. billy

      I’m still learning it!

  5. jasdh


  6. Su

    That toothless dude should be in Soundgarden


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