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Speed Kings: Windham

Speed Kings: Windham

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

We’ve teamed up with the man behind Speed Kings, Scott Marshall to bring you this exclusive segment from the World Cup finals at Windham. Keep em peeled at 30s to see Ruaridh Cunningham go warp speed mental!

Check below for details of the premiere.

Speed Kings is Scott Marshall’s debut film showcasing a whole host of talent. From the rain drenched mountainside of Maribor to the American wilderness of Windham, follow one of the most dramatic World Cup seasons ever and watch as the world’s elite fight for every point. Honing their skills away from the track, we follow some of Britain’s top riders as they hit their local trails, pumptracks, BMX and MX parks. This film has it all. The urge to ride has never been so strong.

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Get away from the Christmas stress and head over to The Custard Factory, Birmingham on Saturday the 11th of December for the Premiere of SPEED KINGS.


Doors open at 18.00 with the film showing at 19.30. £2 entry on the door.

For full details check out www.scott-marshall.co.uk.

Pick up your copy of Speed Kings on the night for the premiere-only price of £14.99.

Or pre-order now by visiting www.scott-marshall.co.uk. Due in stock 10th December

  1. BEN

    Cannot wait…successor to the Earthed series? I think so!

  2. non-self funded world cup rider

    ohhhhhh myyyyyy.


    Yes about time we had a bloody public premiere to a movie, i was getting a bit pig sick of seeing the americans and canadians get these all the time and as usual the brits being fucked over. cannot wait to see it. well done Scott

  4. Isaac

    Plenty of BMX premiers about SELF FUNDED WC RACER, the Anthem 2 one last week was an event!

    This does look so good, and yeah Ruaridh through the rocks, oh myy…

  5. Cord

    @ 00:33 HOLY SHIT Roy, hold her open!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gomez

    Was Ruaridh on a pedal bike…..? looks a neat film

  7. Gary Glitter

    Some smashing talent on show there. That Ruaridh is bloody good isn’t he. Thinking of sponsoring him myself that’s for sure

  8. Ed


  9. hae ass

    shit, ruaridh was shifting there

  10. Question

    Anyone know who Ruaridh is riding for next year?

  11. g

    my god this absolutely pisses over all the recent glossy, style over substance freeride films

  12. Andrew

    could not agree more g !


    Nice tune!

  14. sheriff

    rudy is riding a glory next year , cant wait for this

  15. Philipp

    Looks like somebody took a closed at earthed. Not a bad choice and it doesn´t feel like a copy either, more like a hommage. I´ll get one for sure.

  16. Philipp

    *close look

  17. de paula

    Cool….but nothing special. It’s like any other dh movie.

  18. Ben80

    This looks awesome,ruaridh is shifting!!
    Ill be buying this,ive been waiting for a decent dh vid with good tunes on it for ages!

  19. Rob nelo

    wonder if its gonna be like the old sprung movies, they gave off a classic vibe!!


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