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Specialized Carbon Demo sniper shots

Specialized Carbon Demo sniper shots

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Sam Hill, Troy Brosnan and Brendan Fairclough are running pimped new carbon Demos at Champery. Check out a few sniper shots here.

The World Champs has kicked off in Champery and Specialized have taken the win in the pimped bike stakes so far. They’re the only bikes I’ve seen so far with custom Worlds paint jobs.

We’re not allowed to shoot product shots in the pits so it’s all sniper chairlift shots for now.

From what I can gather the geometry is the same, just with a new carbon front triangle and an alloy rear.

More news/photos when we get them.

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  1. Tim

    Loving the big s-works logo on the downtube and Brendogs red white and blue paintjob.

  2. Hunter

    Brendog’s bike brings to mind Palmer’s stars-and-stripes FSR

  3. le jacques

    Since Hill is on the big S he got every year a new demo 8 and I’m not talking about the paint job… serious biz!

  4. Paddy


  5. thecatinthehat

    all the riders on the majority of the big teams if not all teams get a new bike each year. it shouldnt come as a shock to you

  6. zoinked

    cmon aussie cmon cmon,

    Go boys go

  7. Big Bird

    You’re right about the S works logo. I’m a bit surprised the Specialized is so far behind on the carbon bandwagon. Santa Cruz, Trek, Davinchi. With the possible exception of Trek, they’re all smaller companies than Specialized.

  8. Emile

    @Big Bird its Devinci

  9. ronin

    disagree bigbird, don’t think spesh is behind at all(more than up on the road side). Its about making an entrance at a party in progress. marketing 101. c’mon…sniper hype shots with nice new paint @ worlds to close out the season?!!! I think they’re right on time.

  10. lee

    Evil, GT, keep going… Speccy are a bit behind yeah, but twill it give the big S riders the boost that going carbon gave to Gwin?

  11. Redwoodrider


  12. Stooky

    agree brendogs bike looks amazing

  13. tdiddy

    hill’s bike looks super slack. mondraker-esque, but shorter.

  14. Leon

    I dunno if it’s the angle of the shot but troys bike in the 1st photo looks like a salvador dali painting

  15. bang

    evil an carbon – HAHAHHAHAHAAAHAHAA …. i have a video and some pics of bulldog riding the undead in la bresse… biggest fail ever.
    speci isn’t back in carbon tech. they are just more intelligent, than other companies .. they never rush something unnessesarily.

  16. TimBud

    It might just be angles of the snipe shots and the fact Brendan and hill are stood up on them, but they do look like they have short top tubes.
    Not sure you can call Specialized behind the times with carbon either, maybe just a bit more cautious. With the demo at least :)

  17. steely

    hill has a super slack head angle to compensate for running his forks at 50% sag.

  18. Dave James


  19. kirk

    loving sam and troys green and gold yewww

  20. S WORKS

    Ever since I owned the first gen Demo I have dreamed of one with an S works sticker – oh yeah

  21. NorthWest

    That shot on the back of the lift next to the GT says it all. GT needs an update.

    As for the S-works… good job. Time to let Sam Hill let that bike do it’s thing! But you know Brosnan is going to kill it too.

  22. Jonny B Good

    50% sag? Is that a joke?

  23. MmmBones

    No, it’s not a joke. He runs them that way to make up for his 3″ high rise bars.

  24. tom

    those renthal direct mount stems look nice, dont think ive seen them before.

  25. le jacques

    not every company changes a DH-frame every season – check Scott’s Gambler: same frame as ’08? that’s what I wanted to say…

  26. maverickdh05

    Super sick rigs and paint jobs only thing that would finish it off, is a Kiwi colors Black Carbon Demo with a silver fern, I would call it an All Black Demo.

    Go boys give it heaps on Champery, and I hope Sam Hills shoulder holds up and he can do an 07 again.

  27. BJF

    Sam does not run his fork at 50% sag, get your facks straight. loving the new bike, Specialized wouldn’t bring out a carbon bike unless they meant business, definitely not behind in that area

  28. zak

    His 50% sag is due to his beer gut

  29. edu

    I think a bike descent in carbon its stupid idea.

  30. Rob

    interesting to see their all running the D3 again as far as i can tell, what happened to them running the new Spech carbon helmet?

  31. Dale

    Ya, was wondering about those rubbish speshy helmets, didn’t take the boys long to get back in tld! I figured they only looked shite, but must have crushed the cranium as well.


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