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Spank Team News 2010

Spank Team News 2010

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

16 year old Oscar Golding is the latest ddition to the Spank team. Hopefully we’ll get a video of the lad soon, but for now here’s a few photos.


Meet Oscar Golding, 16yrs, Colchester, Essex – the newest blood on the Spank roster in 2010.

Oscar Golding
Oscar possesses razor sharp skills for a lad of 16 and we want to have the opportunity to see him progress. Here’s a few recent pics courtesy of Dave Franciosy.


Oscar’s training as we speak dialling in new tricks before hitting up all the UK dirt comps this year. He is running a full Tweet Tweet setup.

Other Spank supported dirt riders in 2010.

Jamie Taylor
Jim Davage
Mike Smith
Ryan Nangle
Tim Peckham
Ash Staires

  1. Jonathan Walters

    I was lucky enough to see that sick cork flip on the day,those are some difficult jumps to do anything on!!
    Wango’s trails!! Suffolk reppin!!

  2. Volta

    he likes cucumber! <3

  3. Davi

    What happened to Tom Dowie

  4. Dave Franciosy

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