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Shaun Palmer's D3 for Sea Otter

Shaun Palmer's D3 for Sea Otter

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Sea Beaver festival starts next week in Monterey, California. The Parkin Bros will be there for DirtTV bringing you all the action and satisfaction that you could ever possibly want, so stay tuned. (N.B What with the digital switch over tuning may no longer be required)

Anyway looks like Shaun Palmer will be racing the Ottery Classic, here’s some exclusive photos of his custom D3 lid.



Photo Credit:goongraphix

(A virtual prize to whoever can guess who is the reflected figure in the lid)

  1. Kristian

    im gonna go with motor mouth rob warner…

  2. bazrati

    Mike reading

  3. Isaac

    It kinda reminds me of Sven Martin but I dunno.

  4. James Russell

    Chuck Norris.

  5. LYTHY

    i agree with Kristian, its got to be warner.

  6. Martidog

    I’m goin for Napalm himself ??

  7. Craig Scott

    Warner doesn’t have tatts. I say it’s Mr Palmer himself!

    Nice paint too.

  8. Rick

    Have you seen this Palmer stuff on eBay? Is it actually him selling it?


  9. Mark

    Yep it’s Palmer selling it. http://twitter.com/Palmer555

  10. Martidog

    What’s the story with ‘555’ ???

  11. DIRT Editor

    Not sure where the 555 came from originally, but Palmer has always had that number for moto on his jerseys and number boards.

  12. Stu

    I’m going with the man himself…Palmer!

  13. Gareth

    Hmm it could be palmer but i think it may just be one of the main guys from TLD’s themselves! I’m sure I’ve seen his face there before. one of the main designers/painters.

  14. elbry

    looks cool, say its mike from try who paints palms lids.
    555’s palmer ama race number.

  15. olly

    AMAZING!!! Reckon on Warner, Mike Reading has a beard! Really want Palmer’s presence this year on the circuit, man is a legend. Also, ebay.com kids, his old bikes are for sale! SUPER FAN!!!

  16. Balog

    Mike Redding from Troy Lee

  17. edd

    Neil Wood

  18. baddog

    Is it Mr Troy lee in the reflection????

  19. Bugzz

    That guy its Troy Lee’s brand manager Mike Redding

  20. Ryan

    555 deal at Dominos Pizza. $5 pizzas the “555 deal”

  21. Butch

    Can’t be Palmer. Nobody and no thing tells him the time. He tells you what time it is.

  22. alex

    It’s for sure Jesse James all types of t’d off

  23. shoshi

    Yeah, Mike Redding is the answer.

  24. Martidog

    so it is!! It’s sooo Mike Redding.

  25. nicolasa

    Mike Redding is the answer to many things and I think this is one of them. Ahh ya.

  26. Paul

    Does ANYONE know if there will be a Palmer D3 for the public? I’m due for a new lid and it looks like I’ll go the Palmer D2 but I’ll kick myself if a D3 comes out after I buy an older D2.


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