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Sea Otter Downhill Results 2010

Sea Otter Downhill Results 2010

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Wait for the DirtTV video or read the results now.



Full DH results on the Beaver site.



Full Slalom results on the Beaver site.

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  1. Tom Ward

    Was Gee not racing?

  2. billy

    He was down as a DNF. Hopefully the Parkins vid will explain all!

  3. bill

    Nice goin Neko

  4. jonny

    nice… good to see that jared graves one the dh

  5. Tom.D

    Does that mean Aaron Qwin is the overall winner of the weekend with his two 2nd places? Cant remember if they combine the two race results or not?

  6. MINT

    whers sam hill???im confused!

  7. Karate Chris

    Tenth of a second between the Tracy and Rachel. It’s going to be interesting to see how they get on this season.

  8. Pat

    Awsome start of the season for Rachel….good that she is in my phantasie legeau team!

  9. james

    both 2nd places in the DS got 2nd in the DH…. thus. if you wanna aim for consistency, aim for 2nd place.

  10. Meisterschnitzel_N

    Heard, that the timing was done by some people pressing buttons with their thumb. How┬┤s that sound for a top-level professional racing?

    I thought Hill was racing in Australia this weekend…

  11. iloper

    remember what a said before? Graves ON Fire with a 4x machine on a semi-dh track

  12. slowrider

    dont read too much in to these results, sea otter is hardly WC course standard!

  13. Capt Cook

    Great to see the Aussies dominate, even without Sir Sam present!

  14. gogo

    Tracy Moseley (trek) only .1 of a second behind Rachel…Thats quite tight racing!


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