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Scott11 is now called GSTAAD-SCOTT

Scott11 is now called GSTAAD-SCOTT

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Marathon have become Snickers, Opal Fruits are now Starburst and Prince became, well, I’m not sure exactly.

So, following in the great tradition of name changes the Scott11 team is now called Gstaad-Scott.

I know it sounds like an expletive but Gstaad is actually a Swiss alpine resort.

You pronounce it something like…Shhhh-Starred. The G is silent, as in string.

The number 11 is now free to sponsor a team if anybody is interested.

Fun times on the slopes of Gstaad.
Fun times on the slopes of Gstaad.

As well as the name change, the Gstaad-Scott team have signed up fast French youngster Patrick Thome and have also added a “sportive director”, former downhill pro, Cyril Langeau.

These two will join Brendan Fairclough, Emilie Siegenthaler, Noel Niederberger, Floriane Pugin and 4X riders Adrian Weiss and Mirco Weiss on the main team.

Gstaad-Scott are also supporting a development team with Felix Klee, Pascal Tinner, Dominic Tinner, Manuel Marty and Tim Kälin under the same roof. They’ve got enough riders for a football team!

Sponsor wise, they’ll keep long time supporters DT Swiss, Schwalbe, SHIMANO, FOX Racing Shox, Syncros and e*thirteen chain guides and Red Bull.

Patrick Thome on the 2013 Gambler.
Patrick Thome on the 2013 Gambler.

Hit up http://gstaad-scott.com/ for more news.

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  1. Tepid


  2. Dan

    Very prestigious Swiss town/resort – interesting that they are lending their name to a mountain bike team. I’d be interested to learn more about how that relationship works. The place is better known for polo in the summer! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gstaad

  3. dirt dodger

    Thome will rip the shit outta that bike.

  4. Luker

    How slack is that bike?! It’s pointing down the hill and still looks slack as anything!

  5. Messy

    Saw Patrick Thome riding at Fort Bill last year, really like his style, proper wild.


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