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Scott Voltage FR10

Scott Voltage FR10

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The Voltage FR 10 arrived at the office the other day. It’s billed as a Slopestyle, Park Rider type bike but with an adjustable 140mm-180mm of travel we think it could make an ace mini DH bike too.

Jonesy took it out for a blast in the woods last week and said: “It’s a great bike, wrong size for me though, I’m going to order another one.”

They available in the UK at the moment and cost £ 2,899.

As ever stay tuned for a full review in the magazine soon.

In the meantime here are some piccies.



The rear dropout and hanger are interchangeable and come in three different lengths. The -10mm dropout produces a 415mm chain stay length, which is very short for a full suspension bike. There are also 0mm and +10mm dropouts available that produce 425mm and 435mm chain stay lengths respectively. The replaceable dropout system also allows for use of a standard QR, MAXLE or 12mm thru axle.


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  1. John

    About time Scott made a nice looking bike!!

  2. stooky

    nice yes but paint job not so

  3. chris

    I’ve played on one of these and it was stunning. By using different shocks and shock mounts you can get 9″ rear travel. Could this be the best ‘adjust to do it all’ DH bike out?

  4. Jim

    What is reach? What was wrong with effective top tube length ?

  5. ben whitehead

    thanks, but no thanks

  6. willysnow

    wow love the pink highlights! nice looker

  7. stevo

    it looks like the gambler should have done. will it run the same shock for both travel settings? surely it’ll require a different tune for it, same as the banshee legend prototype which only differed by 1 inch on its travel. can’t wait for the review

  8. Aaron

    they are awesome lil bikes, but they are not available in the uk right now! they arnt available until april! damn i hate waiting

  9. nozes

    Oooh,white&purple…I knew somebody would do it!

  10. dan

    i will have one of these on order at work soon 😀 i have the test bike after dirt mag 😀

  11. Jason

    i have the FR 30 (the bottom in this line) and it is amazing, simply amazing, and when you consider the £1450 price tag you cant go far wrong. and its a nice shade of green so no complaints about the colour @stevo the travel does adjust with the same shock, and theres no change to the geometry and no need to do anything other than mess around with a couple of bolts. @aaron i got mine back in october 😛 last one in europe till about now from Evans Cycles

  12. jon

    i got the fr30. love it. the 20 is a horrid colour and the 10 is uber expensive so the 30 it was.is really chickable and even likes the dj packs. i have only changed the pedals to gusset slim jims,the rear shock to a roco world cup wi 500lb spring.and i have replaced the pre-load spring in the domain forks for a extra firm one.chicksands this weekend so will see how it rides now.

  13. razvan

    I gotta get me on of those 😀


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