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Saturday Morning Pit Pics

Saturday Morning Pit Pics

James Renwick James Renwick

We bring you the latest Saturday morning paddock action. Pretty much everyone was on the turbo trainers, apart from one man, who was grafting…

Can Rachel put in another big winning margin?

Can Gracia pull one out of the bag tomorrow?

Danny Hart rocks out.

Bernard Kerr puts in the miles

While all others are training, the big fella’s grafting.

  1. Tom Ward

    Has Cedric got a carbon V10?

  2. Lane

    Yeah he got one aswell as the Syndicate

  3. Vathana Song

    From the looks of it he does. Pretty sure that’s the carbon in the picture.

  4. Dylan

    Cedric got them the same time as the syndicate. On a more important issue i want my dirt tv friday practice.

  5. Brad Smith

    Where have you guys been ? camping ?

  6. Barney
  7. Jan

    I can’t help myself but looks like Cedric have lost a bit of his fashion style. Baggy cloths, weird armor.

  8. Philby

    Is that Duncan Riffle with the massive tat on his chest?


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