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Saracen Signs Lance McDermott

Saracen Signs Lance McDermott

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Saracen is proud to announce Lance McDermott as the first signing since the brand was acquired by Madison earlier this year. The 2008 Nissan QashQui winner has signed a 3 year deal underwriting the commitment of Madison to re-establish this brand as one of Britain’s finest. Lance will be looking to repeat his successes riding the new Saracen Amplitude alu and cromo bikes, as well as working with the Saracen design team to develop a signature range.


Madison’s chief executive, Dominic Langan commented, “I am delighted to get Lance on board with Saracen and believe he is the ideal ambassador for the brand in the dirt jump category. We have some great looking bikes and strong consumer and retailer demand for the brand but competition success at an international level will further enhance the image and reputation of the brand. We have great aspirations for Saracen and you can expect more professional riders joining the team in the future.
This is just the start!”Lance is raring to get going with the project and had this to say, “I am pleased to announce that I have signed for Saracen bikes. I can tell you this was the best decision I have ever made as the bikes from Saracen ride amazing! So easy to ride, with low BB and short top tube, the Amplitude line up cannot be faulted and as I have said to lots of friends and riders that have asked me my true opinion on the bikes and I can honestly say you won’t have to change a thing!

The bikes have an amazing spec and ride perfect, so perfect that I am proud to be riding for Saracen in 2010!”McDermott is the first signing to come to Saracen under the new Madison ownership who have plans for the future as the brand seeks to prove its performance prowess on the world’s biggest stages, with a World Cup level downhill presence intended for the 2011 season.

Saracen is one of Britain’s best known bicycle brands and first started in 1987. Twenty-Three years later, 2010 sees the rebirth of Saracen at its new home Madison, the UK’s no.1 distributor for premium bikes and cycle related brands. Saracen was a market leader during the early 90’s and a trendsetter with the iconic Kili Flyer bike, famously named after adventure cyclist Nick Crane rode up Mt. Kilimanjaro on a Saracen Conquest mountain bike.

This innovation and flare is set to continue with new ground breaking designs to put Saracen firmly back on the map! The new range of mountain bikes covers categories from downhill and aggressive UK long-travel trail bikes to well designed kids bikes at affordable prices. At Saracen we believe in great design, quality and affordability.

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  1. Jase

    Loving the look of the new Saracen range, onwards and upwards and good luck in proving the negh sayers wrong!

  2. billy

    I had an old X-ile or was it an X-cess, you know the hardtail, had tons of fun on that until some pikeys stole it.

  3. Joe

    Hasn’t everyone has a Saracen at some point or another? I killed mine in a nasty head floor incident that I can’t remember as a result…

  4. braaap

    massive low, going from one of the best brands, scott, to this bike thing…

  5. Hancock

    World cup DH presence aye…

    Given that Madison imports Shimano into the UK and is the major sponsor to a certain well known world cup team.

    Animal Saracen anyone?

    Probably miles wide of the mark, but if they’ve signed McDermott Madison are clearly taking the re-animation of Saracen very seriously.

    braaap, have you considered a career in fashion? You’ve got the perfect attitude.

  6. chris

    all good, where does this leave Scott with their 2010 Mcdermott signiture Voltage (you know, the great riding but butt ugly brown/gold one)?
    Not that I care mind you, just an observation.

  7. Dave

    shame he’s a tool

  8. jonny

    the start of something big..?? I think so. Or at least have a good feeling about it. As long as they keep out of halfords…

  9. dominic langan

    Yes we are taking Saracen very seriously and there is an awful long way to go still as we haven’t even had the brand a year yet!

    Animal Saracen isn’t on the cards but something else will be to give us the World Cup DH presence when we are ready for it. Madison will be backing a winner when the time comes as we do now with Commencal and other brands we manage.

    Saracen will not be in Halfords. No bike brand distributed by Madison is in Halfords.

    CEO, Madison

  10. jonny

    WOOT…no halfords… :0)

    is the genesis brand madison have built up safe.? I have 3 genesis and think they are real good bikes..

  11. dominic langan

    Madison is very proud of the Genesis brand. They are great bikes and the brand is doing very well and we have plenty of exciting stuff happening with Genesis too!

  12. jonny

    ace… i love the genesis bikes. Especially the alpitude..

  13. Carla Gout

    Dave is right. He’s a cockend.

  14. elmo

    McDermot…never heard of him. Saracen – are they not some dodgy brand from woolworths?

  15. Dan

    1 question…do any of u actually know him?
    Simple minded kids I expect


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