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Saracen Myst Spy Shots

Saracen Myst Spy Shots

James Renwick James Renwick

We dropped some exclusive snaps of the new Saracen Myst DH rig the other day (check them here), now we’ve got a load more spy shots fresh from the factory floor. In the previous post it became pretty clear that the majority of riders and industry folk are getting behind the new Saracen, and following a bounce around outside the dirt office, things are looking promising indeed.











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  1. tay williams

    loos pretty sick ! wonder how much a full build will be , and if it will be avalible at halfords 😛

  2. Hancock

    The more I see this frame, the more I think it looks like the illicit lovechild of an IH Yakuza and a Yeti 303r, which is no bad thing, although the Yeti would never live it down…

  3. Isaac

    Although it not having a linear rail it’s nothing like a Yeti.

  4. C.J. Parker

    Hey boys I love it when you say you go bouncing around

  5. tony

    which factory is that?

  6. tom

    hmm, production in china huh? i thought maybe they would actually produce a uk brand in the uk what with all this ‘brand relaunch’ stuff…

  7. Jason@Dirt

    Unfortunately Tom, we can’t have everything. This frame is going to be competitively priced, it looks great (although that is subjective), and people seem to think it’s going to ride good too.
    As soon as you bring production to the UK the price goes through the roof, and the sad fact is that not as many people value something being made in the UK as they do the money in their back pocket.

  8. tom

    yeah completely true. look at orange – way over priced in my opinion (i didnt think much of an 09 224 i test rode anyway)- because theyre made in the uk

  9. mr_p

    not all oranges are made in the uk anymore

  10. C.J. Parker

    Hey there Tom. What didn’t you like about that 09 224 exactly?

  11. Willeybob

    Looks like a DH team with a different linkage. Nice tho….

  12. tom

    c.j.: the geometry felt wrong (i am used to an ironhorse sunday though) but the main point was the speed out of corners, nowhere near the acceleration of my sunday and also the wheelbase felt too long, plus it was slightly over-sprung for my weight

  13. dom

    For the last time, Madison is not supplying Halfords with Saracen. We have never supplied them with bikes and we won’t in the future. I hope that is totally clear and not open to any misunderstanding! Halfords can not and will not be able to access SARACEN!

    MD at Madison

  14. tom

    *also i think orange were a bit embarassed when they discovered the chainline on the 224 inhibits suspension movement after the fort bill dh enduro-i certainly would be if it had gone unnoticed on my bike design for 5 years or whatever it is…

  15. Rob

    I dont know why you think Oranges are bad to ride, I have been on 224 evo’s for the past two years and have just got another, one of the best handling bikes out there. If you were riding a stock bike with no suspension changes of course it will feel funny. You ovbiously have no clue how to ride a bike and hide behind internet jargon and technical myths to make yourself feel big.

  16. Joe

    Hurrah for keyboard world champs!

  17. tom

    haha alright keep telling yourself that… myth huh? how come orange have started designing an idler conversion kit for all 224’s they’ve ever sold?

  18. hairy

    to make them better you clown its called evolution.
    Doesnt mean they were poor to begin with.

  19. Kevlar

    If the DW link was the best suspension design ever, why did Dave Weagle design the Delta link for the Evil Revolt?
    By your logic Tom, every Sunday ever built was wrong because now there’s something different replacing it.
    I bet Weagle’s embarrassed now he’s created 2 good designs.
    Orange test prototypes regularly with new additions to see if they’ll work better. If it does, they make it available.
    I built up a 225 prototype over a year ago, that design’s been tweaked a few times since then, and I was told “It won’t be made fully available to the public until we’re confident it performs better than a 224″. Can you buy one yet?

  20. Kevlar

    All suspension designs are a compromise. I think the Myst looks pretty good. And at that price point, it’ll raise some eyebrows in the industry. Particularly if it rides well and proves as reliable as the competition.

  21. tom

    Alright then fair enough, sorry if i was being stupid

  22. Droppin-Neutron

    224’s feel great with a CCDB shock other wise I can take em or leave em

  23. erection section

    i personally think it’s a shame that these bikes won’t be available in halfords. imagine the comedy value of seeing them with bells, reflectors and of course…the forks on backwards.

  24. tp

    Ha! I work with kids coaching and you wouldn’t believe the amount of bikes from halfords that I have seen with the forks on backwards!! They owe me for their shit bike building (but I wouldn’t have anything from halfords)

  25. Leon

    If it rides as good as it looks with the suggested/rumored low prices it’s gonna be a winner

  26. Fordy

    I got some dot 5 oil from the big h. Pretty sweet

  27. Hoodis

    Gotta say i agree with Tom to an extent. The Orange is overpriced an IMO doesn’t ride anywhere near as good as a Sunday. I was on a 224 last year, my suspension was set up (i have a clue) & the bike simply didnt take the hits as well as the linkage bike. i was running a DHX5 and my opinion may have been different if i was using a CCDB or indeed riding clips(to stop my feet blowing off). I have however had a spin on a 225 and it feels totally different to the 224…

    Oh, the Saracen looks like a nice bike, glad to see them getting back in amongst it!

  28. C.J Parker

    Strange that Hoodls, its widely recognised that the Sunday never had the best suspension design, but hold on you say it was actually the shock that was the weak point of the 224? Not the bike then. But hold on the Sunday, im assuming here you rode a production with Fox? And as for Tom riding a bike that was a) too long ie too fast and b) oversprung well, there’s not much to say really. Still the 224 with Cane Creek shock is as you all point out one of the fastest bike out there. Let me know if you’d like to try one out next to a Mondraker and Morewood

  29. SA Springbok

    those little figurines that Saracen are now using as mascot/branding have somehow in my opinion ruined the potential respect they could have got from serious riders.

    The whole range looks good but I just cant get serious about it becuase it comes across as if its aimed at kids/teens.

    maybe it is? What is the answer Dom?

  30. Hoodis

    C.J, I didnt say that the shock was indeed the weak part, i merely said that the wonderment that is the CCDB may have been enough to change the ride noticeably. The bike wasnt as smooth as the Sunday in the rough stuff, nor did it corner as well. Oh, and we’re not talking about Tom here, we’re talking about me, i’ve raced both bikes for a full season so am more qualified than most to express my opinion, perhaps more qualified than you… I think the angles i had my 224 set at were pretty much perfect, still isnt as good as the Ironhorse though!! imo. Can you confirm what is the best suspesnsion design? Didnt think so!

  31. C.J Parker

    Fair point Hoodls, but before I try and attempt a list, what version of the CCDB have you tried? What model Sunday did you have? was it a US version?

  32. Hoodis

    It was an early version I tried(the 1 on steve jones 224), didn’t get a proper shot though so can’t really comment. My old Sunday was the US version with the 5th, my current Sunday is the US version with the vivid, which is a brilliant wee shock. I liked my 224 is the soft loamy tracks btw…I just couldn’t get on with it in the rough!

  33. dom

    The little characters were first and foremost meant to be a bit of fun. We used them at the start to help visualise the positioning of each model within the range as we didn’t have any actual product to show. We created a mini comic using the characters as well and they were different enough to help us reposition the brand from the historic Saracen. We created box sets of the characters to send out to the press and key opinion formers as something novel, memorable, collectible and fun and to highlight that it wasn’t going to be more of the same from Saracen under Madison’s ownership.

    We are also using them within our merchandise materials as it allows us more creative freedom than the usual stereo typical bike brand advertsing and styling.

    The characters are now taking more of a back seat as the actual product becomes available and the bikes are able to talk for themselves. The brand is youthful though and we want to retain that feel but we are not aiming purely for little kids but the big kids too!


  34. rob

    try a 224 with the new rc4 shock, I loved my other oranges but the new one is amazing!

  35. C.J Parker

    Hoodls, there’s no doubt a trade off somewhere between comfort and speed. I guess the question you posed on ‘best suspension design’ will be relative to who and where the bike is being used. For example Foes DH Mono, K9, lean more to plush ride over super tough ground,the Corsair could get there but suffers from weight transfer issues deep into the stroke. A bit like the Canfield and its crazy IS path. Morewood, Mondraker, Trek – all bikes with superb geometry, and fast, similarly the Demo, V10, Ancilotti (which also has custom suspension tune available). Then there’s the question of what bikes work well with the CCDB, well the Orange for starters, although the current model not quite as good as the 05 vintage, the Astrix works well, the Rage a bit sloppy but great for isolating riders from the hits. Chumbas dont appear to work so well with CCDB but with standard shock they are good, similarly the 951 although thats being changed for 2010 apparently. Similarly the Evil…any news on that bike anywhere? And then Empire, thats pretty different, great ride over rough ground with a shock that is actually tuned for the bike, good work. GT, GIant, good bikes, well priced with good components, maybe not everyone seeks the suspension design alone. What about looks? Has to be Lapierre but hey, needs more sizes. Engineering quality…Nicolai have to be up there, along with Superco and many others. Crikey the list is endless, the Gambler great suspension design, just a touch heavy possibly? And what about Yeti, 303 no longer? Surely not! What an amazing bike over big fast brakers. Whats happened to Konas? Best suspension design? No idea, but its nice when a company actually tunes a shock to match the design…correctly. Maybe there lies a clue. Or maybe Canyon? Or Jamis? Or…..f**k its a nice day……bye!

  36. Hoodis

    Woooft, you’ve got a lot of experience on a lot of bikes, or are you quoting what you’ve read on Ridemonkey?? hehe, joke! Everyones different, Ben Cathro and Joe Barnes are silly quick on their 224/5’s. I was horrendously slow on mine….
    Theres only so much a shock can do, and linkage bikes like the Sunday/V10/Trek etc ask a lot less than the Orange.
    Wish i was out riding myself….bloody work!

  37. Kevin Morgan

    Just saw the trail bike from Saracen out on test with Muldoon.
    Looked really nice, apart from the monster steel Saint thru axle overkill. But that’s the Shimano way I guess, make it strong as hell and servicable.
    I had a good look over it but failed to see a model name. Just the characters on the graphics.
    You may want to address that Dom.

  38. Kevin Morgan

    I just looked at the ice bike review and it’s the Ariel I saw today. It just didn’t register that it was a word, it looked more like a pattern to me, so disregarded it.
    Hope that helps.

  39. jamie

    I spoke speaking directly with Mojo after viewing the topics on the 224, the “add on” didn’t make that much diference – i know this contradicts the mag and the whole tiny little piece on it but that’s from the horses mouth… Tom – whats your race number and what series you in??? im sure there are racers on here who’d like to own your ass!!

    ive ridden 224’s now over 3 models/revamps and I think the latest 1 is great… if you cant keep your feet on the pedals through the rough on a 224 — (this is to every1)– go the bloody gym..




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