Saracen BDS rd1 video with Johnny Love eggs from Goldie Lookin Chain!

WTF! It’s the GLC at the BDS with some LMAO and a BLT. You knows it!

Wideopenmag hit up the Saracen BDS rd1 with none other than Eggsy from moderately successful pop group Goldie Lookin Chain.

Eggsy in the booth with Warner for World Cup commentary would be mint!

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  1. jbsauce

    Brilliant,Brendog absolutely boosting the step down into the woods!

    1. J

      aye – that is unbelievably flippin massive!

  2. daz5239

    fucking love it ! i want to see this guy at every bds this year , get it sorted haha

  3. JEE

    Peaty’s looking pretty good for his age there!

  4. steve

    is black the new neon green?

  5. Digger

    What are those front mudguards they are all using?

    1. billy

      Some are using the new Rock Guardz, we’ll have a feature on them soon!

      1. Digger

        Just googled those Rock Guardz £49.50 for a mud guard! Silly.

  6. Tom

    Gee Atherton, super on message stoked fans please like me stoked you know sponsors please like me.


  7. Down n Dirty


  8. MaverickDh

    Sick edit, com dude rocks, put him and Warner together! Good t see some wet acing again too!


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