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Saracen BDS RD1 Combe Sydenham highlight video

Saracen BDS RD1 Combe Sydenham highlight video

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

The opening round of the 2013 Saracen BDS kicked off at Combe Sydenham, Somerset at the weekend. Sam Hill came all the way from Australia for a taste of British National racing. He wanted Aussie sunshine but Somerset gave him a cold bath. The April showers showed up right on que and gave the track a good old soaking.

Still, it’s a race weekend and it’s the same conditions for everybody (just a little bit tougher for the icecream van man maybe).

Robbie Giles was there for DirtTV and captured the action.

Full results are here.

  1. BikeMorzine

    Absolute banger Robbie! Nice one!

  2. tommy

    nice one, keep it up…

  3. Christofer

    God job! Music credits, please…

  4. xcgeek.com

    great to see the action, stokin the fire for the world cups!

  5. nub

    This vid has “Energy” written all over it! 😀 That’s the way to do it. Keep em coming ! :)


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