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Saracen BDS Live Feed Goes Kaput

Saracen BDS Live Feed Goes Kaput

Sorry guys, but it seems like the mice had a midnight feast last night and it comprised of internet cables.


So basically the sad news is that unless a miracle happens (and the word on the street/muddy field is that that’s very unlikely to happen) there will be no live feed today from the first round of the Saracen BDS at Combe Sydenham. Bit of a bummer to say the least, but it really is beyond our control so please save any anger venting for someone else.

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  1. rusty

    Any ideas if the coverage will be up at a later date?

  2. Leon

    Awww gutted !

  3. hampson

    yeah what rusty said.

  4. Johnboy

    Spewing… was looking forward to it. Where can I get some live updates of the Rd1 happenings?

  5. Dangermouse

    Whats with mice these days, jeeze!

  6. Antg


  7. AdamO

    Live timing?

  8. Marcus Soyland

    Will there be a twitter live update instead ? Pretty normal in these types of circumstances..

  9. why

    any kind of info is much appreciated guys and gals ?

  10. Andy NZ

    Bah! Who was doing the feed? Freecaster?

  11. Dexlines

    Shit happens guys jst try get results ASAP that wud b grand.

  12. why

    Guys just tell us who won the race 😛
    Very interested what Sam Hill did :)

  13. Cord

    1st Gee, 2nd Simmonds, 3rd Beaumont, 4th Joe smith, 5th Sam Hill

    1. steve

      you sure?

  14. why

    Cant believe behind his teamm8s :O

  15. why

    Cant believe Hill is behind his teamm8s :O

  16. Matt Collins

    Its a flat track… Wait for llangollen. Hill has only raced fort William whilst in the UK I can’t imagine combe Syd was up his street.

    1. Leon

      Yeah man will be awesome seeing hill there

  17. steve

    can’t wait to see hill at inners :)


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