Saracen BDS Combe Sydenham rd1 Results

Gee Atherton wins Saracen BDS rd1 at a wet and sticky Combe Sydenham. Rachel Atherton wins the Elite women’s race from Manon Carpenter.

Video/chit chat/bike gallery/full results/hotdogs to follow!

The Weather: Saturday practice was a wash out. Heavy rain. Sunday morning saw glimpses of sunshine amongst the on/off drizzle. Michael Fish would have said “overcast”.

The track: Top wood sections had deep ruts and the sort of energy sapping gloopy mud that reaches up from the ground grabs your tyre and just won’t let go. The word “sticky” came up a lot in conversation. Michael Fish would have gone home by now. Entry into the field was via the “do or die or go round or do-and-come-up-waaay-short-with-a-loud-bottom-out-bang” road gap. From there on things ran fast. Fast through the field and fast through the lower woods.

The crowds: Fairplay, for a wet old day in Somerset there was a good old mob of spectators up and down the track.

For full 2013 Combe Sydenham results click here.

Gee Atherton takes the win on the proto GT. Photo: Andy Lloyd
You can’t even take a pee these days without some one snapping a photo of your proto bike. Gee Atherton’s GT.
Gee, Simmonds, Beaumont, Smith and Sam Hill.

Elite Men:
1/ Gee Atherton 2:42.049
2/ Matt Simmonds 2:44.168
3/ Marc Beaumont 2:44.265
4/ Joe Smith 2:45.609
5/ Sam Hill 2:47.415

Rachel Atherton, Manon Carpenter, Tahnee Seagrave, Jess Stone.

Elite women:

1/ Rachel Atherton 3:06.029
2/ Manon Carpenter 3:14.263
3/ Tahnee Seagrave 3:29.807

Laurie Greenland talkie cam from a muddy Combe Sydenham.

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