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Video: Madison Saracen Announce 2011 Downhill Race Team

Video: Madison Saracen Announce 2011 Downhill Race Team

Billy Thackray Billy Thackray

Harry Molloy and Manon Carpenter will spearhead the six man Madison Saracen race team which will race World Cups and the British nationals.

The full team is:

Harry Molloy
Manon Carpenter
Jack Geoghegan
Josh Lowe
Philip Atwill
Will Weston

Manon Carpenter and Harry Molloy are in charge of World Cup duties this year. Manon had an amazing debut World Cup season in 2010 winning the junior overall title and even finishing 6th overall at the super muddy and tech Champery. Harry had some good results last year too, the highlight being a 35th at the WC in Leogang.

These two are joined by National Expert champ Jack Geoghegan, 20, from Hertfordshire, English champ Philip Atwill, 16, from Hampshire, PORC series winner Josh Lowe, 16, from Kent and 14-year-old Will Weston, from Wolverhampton, winner of the Juvenile category of the 2010 Halo British Downhill Series.



The Saracen Myst

(See what we thought of the bike in First Impressions:Saracen Myst)

Take a look at the top trump cards below to find out who comes from where, who likes getting loose as a goose, who dislikes uplift queues and who likes olives on their pizza.








Madison Saracen 2011 Downhill Race Team >>

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  1. craig

    Looks sweet

    Good to see a team investing in the uk scene, will the truck thing be as big as the athertons though ??? lol

  2. Rob

    Not the tallest bunch are they?

  3. cathal

    well done to manon, well deserved.

  4. Jenxy

    Best of luck to all of them.

  5. billy

    Good to see Manon getting some proper backing this year.

  6. Tom_

    I hope she keeps her diaries up, they were always a nice read!

  7. NickH

    @Rob are you sure… except for Josh Lowe they are all taller than average! And at those ages I’d suggest they still have some growing to do yet

    Great news however you look at it, brilliant to see a couple of the biggest companies in the UK bike industry backing young talent to this degree. I’m sure most haven’t forgotten it was Madison who helped bring together the Athertons and Commencal a few years back too.

    Wonder if this is related to Madison and Commencal going their separate ways… conflict of interests?

  8. g

    will is 5’11” so somehow in this particular pic Harry looks absolutely huge in comparison.

  9. chris

    Sweet team/vid/riders/bikes…Great to see Harry and Manon both getting the backing they need…bring on the race season!

  10. KennethRdyer

    I agree with Chris! its about time that Manon got a ride and its great to see Harry has got the backing he deserves!!

  11. Alex

    Molloy 81kg? Give over, there’s nothing to him!

  12. Rod Kimble

    Looks like a nice setup.
    Jason/Manon race reports agin this season please

  13. oli

    those bikes look sweet!

  14. dhdave

    harry is a sick head. good news

  15. Russ P

    I see Josh with his new bike at PORC last sunday, He looked pretty quick and the bike looked rad.

  16. Stubob

    Hope to see some reports from Jason/Manon again this year. Really enjoyed them last season. Good to see Manon getting the support she deserves.

  17. Josh bright

    hang on a minute what about Phill every one he is a ledgend rider well done mate on getting in

  18. oioi

    Well done jack and phil, two fine riders from the hill. Be go to see them smash 2011.

  19. braaap

    Will Weston didn’t win the British overall in juvenile last year, look at the results.

  20. bob

    yes he did:

    2010 National Male Juvenile MTB DH
    Rank Rider Club Name Region Points
    1 William Weston West Midlands 560
    2 Callum Havard PS Cycles/ Cwmdown Wales 524
    3 Joel Anderson UK Bike Park South West 516
    4 Taylor Vernon Welsh Downhill MTB Association Wales 499
    5 Sam Herd Perth City Cycles Dundee & District 496
    6 Owen Willicombe South West 470
    7 Daniel Farley North West 432
    8 Drew Carters East of Scotland 430
    9 Laurie Greenland South 413
    10 Frazer McCubbing Ayrshire & Dumfries 384


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